How to decorate a hall

The great forgotten decoration: the hall. It is not only the first impression your guests take, but can also be the only thing they see certain views and reaching a little further, can influence even the feeling of comfort that tenants themselves, you, senates at a time as important as you get home.

This is a stay whose size does not matter if we know adapt to it. Being a passageway only need to exploit the best combination of elements to be aesthetically harmonious. Unlike the other rooms, as we will not live in it, the comfort that requires focuses on its distribution does not hinder the passage, because it would be fatal to the first contact with a house was annoying.

How to decorate a hallAny space than a gateway to the rest of the house is considered hall, however small, so play the prospects is a decorative idea that works very well. For example, paint the wall end of our hallway of a different from the rest of the corridor color, it will create a sense of order and separation very practical. If the input is so small that not even provide for a small cabinet, you can replace the classic comfortable closed or tables hall wide by small shelves on the wall. In either case, these surfaces decorate with flowers or candles bring a lot of character to stay. It is also interesting to pay attention beyond the walls: place a small rug or mat will be very good visual support for the differentiation of spaces and contribute to cleaning shoes retaining particles that come from the street to the house.

Two almost mandatory elements in a hall are a mirror and a coat rack. They are not pieces that take up too much, but in the special case of the coat rack is advisable to dispense with a larger model if you do not have too many meters hall, or resorting to locate elsewhere in the house, provided it is not far from the door ; simple hangers are also a functional alternative. As for the mirror, you have to respect the rule of choosing its size in inversely proportional function of the total space available: a large mirror in a narrow hall will provide width in addition to decorating using as little as possible (but not colloquies directly opposite the door!), while receivers that already are spacious is best to place a narrow mirror, even choosing whether to hang vertically or horizontally.

The use of frames or portafotos is also a widespread preference. To choose them also you have to respect the size and composition of the atmosphere, leaving their election to the end. Combine different small frames to form a mural or even pieces with different sizes and shapes (important: in one wall, do not you seek look like a museum) can convert the selected segment at a point that radiates originality and warmth. The stickers could be classified within this same option and add a modern touch, plus installation is very simple. Both in this format as in the pictures or framed prints, add some nice phrase hall or welcome message it is the perfect touch for a very personal atmosphere.

The option of giving the hall a certain aspect of “changing” beyond the rack to place for coats and bags, can be achieved by combining a cabinet shoemaker with, if space permits, a seat. Both supplements are highly functional, as the cabinet serves as storage space and also as a shelf, and as the seat can choose between many possibilities as practical as aesthetic: a stool, a chair or even a puff versatile. Having collected shoes at the entrance of the house offers a plus of cleanliness and order. It is also optional to place an umbrella stand.

As for the brightness of this area of the house, it is best to choose an atmosphere of neutral colors, white or pastel, so that with an indirect light enough to illuminate without resorting to too powerful spotlights. A lamp assistant standing or desktop if there is furniture, enough to welcome home transmitting a cozy feeling and unaggressive.

And nothing more! I hope these ideas will have served as an inspiration and know give a unique touch to your receiver.

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