How to decide on the right concrete for your home project

Carrying out a renovation or home improvement job not only comes with lots of hard work but also quite a few significant decisions. If you are thinking of using concrete for any of the projects, you will need to decide on what type of concrete is best to use.

There are several types of concrete, so it’s important to know about each type before you make your purchase. The following are concrete types available:

Dried Ready Mix

This concrete is a dry mix and available for purchase in big bags. By adding water as directed on the bag, you can mix your concrete in no time at all. It is suitable for a variety of projects and is often a popular choice for small work projects because it is easy to mix and apply. For your needs, consider Derby Ready Mix Concrete.

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Ready Mix

This is a type of concrete mixed with water before being sold. It is usually delivered and used immediately. A company will typically carry cement mixing equipment and pour directly onto your property. It is good for projects of small and medium size. Don’t forget your Derby Ready Mix Concrete through Best Mix.

Transit Mix

This involves premixed concrete trucks that carry concrete ready for use. This is great for projects that are very large and usually only involves a single concrete pour. It’s on the expensive side but good for foundations and areas that require large cement blocks.

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Dry Bulk Materials

This is the kind of concrete is usually used by those who have experience of mixing concrete and useful for large-scale building projects.

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