How is your park home constructed and made?

Modern park homes come in many luxurious designs. Despite their instant appeal, some people worry about their construction. Park homes are made from different materials than conventional houses and constructed in a different way.

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A park home is essentially a mobile home on a sturdy steel chassis with a timber frame above. Despite weighing about 20 tons (or more) they are transported to site almost complete (sometimes in two sections) and are quickly anchored, wired and plumbed on arrival. Baths, WCs, kitchen appliances and carpets are all fitted before delivery. On site, a brick “skirt” is usually built between the ground and the bottom of the chassis, along with steps or ramp to the door.

Design choice

If you are the first owner, you can choose many design features before they are built. For example, these park homes for Sale in Gloucestershire can have almost any feature modified to suit your needs, tastes and the characteristics of your site. Park homes for sale in Gloucestershire could be in exposed locations or sheltered woodland which might influence your preferences.

The chassis

The strong chassis is what allows park homes to be “mobile”, and is the first thing to be built. It will consist of two or more long steel beams running lengthwise. Above those is welded a braced ladder frame that supports the floor joists. The structure also has provision for wheel axles and a detachable or telescopic tow bar.

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The flooring

After the joists are attached, plumbing is pre-installed and enclosed within polystyrene or wool-fibre insulation materials. This insulates both the plumbing and your park home floor. The flooring itself is usually high-density treated timber which is sometimes covered in an additional chipboard or plywood layer.

Adding walls

The walls are built on timber studwork and the voids filled with insulation such as Earthwool. Plasterboard is usually attached to internal surfaces but MDF alternatives are available. Similarly, a range of exterior claddings is usually offered, including cladding boards, stucco finishes and tongue-in-groove timbering.


Roofs are pitched over trussed rafters rather than flat like a caravan. Lightweight metal tiles are the usual roofing choice and well-insulated from below. There’s considerable choice over their appearance. Internally, you can often choose a vaulted “cathedral” ceiling instead of a flat one.

Unlike caravans and post-war prefabs, park homes keep warm and dry all year round.

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