How can we save at home thanks to the time change?

The time change, which took place last morning, not only is the entry to schedule spring and summer, but also a potential energy saving to make better use of sunlight.

The fact consumes less energy positive impact on the environment. The Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE) ensures that this time change represents a substantial saving that can represent up to not inconsiderable 5% of electricity consumption in lighting. Small expenses that will be achieved are important and eventually promote the culture of energy consumption. Merely understanding the electricity bill in order to better plan our activities will also be essential for more efficient consumption.

How can we save at home thanks to the time changeSavings at home thanks to the time change

Beyond energy savings, the schedule change will also impact positively on issues such as health, leisure, road safety, the environment and, especially, in the home environment. In addition to the time change, we can apply in our domestic sphere other guidelines for these savings prove truly effective.

Among other things, we can install strips and stickers on doors and windows or double glazing. Such actions can result in savings of between 5% and 10% energy. According to a report from the University of Zaragoza, double glazing systems reduce up to 50% heat loss compared to single crystals. It is also desirable to dispense with artificial lighting provided it is not particularly necessary. It can be very common the fact that the whole family is in the living room, while the lights of the kitchen or the hall are kept on.

In this case, as from next May, temperatures tend to rise, it is necessary to avoid the most use of heating. If we use it, we have to turn it off at night and when we are away from home. The ideal is to maintain a temperature range around 21° C, without abusing heating too. Merely increasing the temperature one degree could only assume 7% increase energy expenditure.

Since daylight hours will increase it is advisable to keep the blinds increases during the day in order to maximize the heat emitted by sunlight. Likewise, you can decrease the water temperature if we set the thermostat to a maximum of 50 degrees and unplug appliances that are not useful in the spring such as heaters, dehumidifiers and electric blankets).

Beyond the benefits in electricity bills, studies confirm that natural light will improve the mood by activating defenses and regulating sleep.

For efficient we can take small habits like turning off lights when leaving the room or around the fact leaving appliances on standby. For its part, the use of LED lighting can help in saving up to 90% energy and reduce maintenance and replacement costs. One of the rooms is undertaken where increased consumption is the kitchen, so we have to carry out practices like cooking with pressure cooker and with little water, make the most of the ability of the dishwasher or do without the unnecessary use of the oven.

Having sunniest encourage us to go outside and spend less energy at home. What do you think these ideas to save energy at home taking advantage of the change in time?

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