Refresh your bathroom on a 2020 shoestring budget

While updating the décor in your property can be as simple as painting the walls, the prospect of updating a bath or shower room may not seem so straightforward, especially if you haven’t the budget for replacing the suite or tiles. However, there are a few things you can do for very little outlay that can transform your bathroom.

Bathroom on a Budget

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This is particularly relevant if you’re thinking of selling your home in 2016. A report from This Money shows that the average house price is £289, 452, with an annual increase of around £20,000.

If you’re planning on selling your home, consider what prospective buyers will want and, more importantly, what they don’t want in a new home. A Rightmove survey revealed that 28 per cent of respondents rated a dirty bathroom as the most off-putting feature of a house.

Here are our top five tips for doing up your bathroom on a budget.

Replace the Taps and Showerhead

New taps can make all the difference, and a modern showerhead will update your bathroom instantly. Consider replacing old towel rails or radiators with more efficient modern ones.


You can paint over your tiles if you really don’t like them with the specialist paints available from all DIY shops. It can have limited success, so a better option maybe simply be to clean the grout and replace sealants. It’s pretty easy to take it out with a silicone sealant remover and replace it. Preparation is key, and companies such as make silicone removers that will also clean any other residues to ensure a great finish.

Replace the Flooring

Carpet in bathrooms is a no-no, as they are very difficult to keep clean, but old dirty flooring of any kind does not make a good impression. Tiles, lino or vinyl are all relatively cheap to replace and will make all the difference.

Paint the Walls

A lick of paint on the walls and ceilings, ideally with a specialist bathroom paint, will freshen up any bathroom or shower room. White or a light neutral shade will have the broadest appeal.


New shower curtains, towels and bathmats will make the room look fresh and clean. You’ll find a huge range of choice and prices on the high street and even in supermarkets.

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