Drain Lining – How it Works

In essence drain lining is an easy way to fix damaged drain pipes and is carried out by professional companies like Wilkinson Environmental. Instead of having to dig deep into the drain to find the problem, access is more easily gained above ground level and most repairs are then carried out within the drain pipe. Think of drain lining like keyhole surgery in your drains, where the surgery is done within the pipe itself…it is easier, less time consuming and cheaper. But how do you know that you have the right drain lining for your pipes? There are three main types:

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Plastic Drain Liners – These plastic drain liners are placed over the existing drainpipe, they are permanently secured to the pipe and will not peel off. They have the ability to resist chemicals and other nasty things that may end up in your drains. They are very effective and easy to install. However, their low life span means that they must be replaced regularly.

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Excavation/ Pipe Lining – This is the most common form of drain lining, it involves the detection and excavation of your pipes. The benefit of excavating your pipes is that it helps to create a waterproof barrier, this is essential when it comes to preventing sewage build up from your septic tanks. Once the area has been excavated, your drain relining company will then devise a solution based upon the excavation and drainage of your pipe network. Not only can this form of lining work very effectively in the prevention of any problems with your sewage pipelines, it can also help in the repair of any damage that may have occurred.

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