DIY Creations to Celebrate Floral Design Day

You have to see what we like a DIY! At the end of the day, there is nothing better than decorating the house with things we have done with our own hands. And because of that, as any excuse is good to get down to work and do something beautiful, today we bring you a few DIY we can do to celebrate that today is the Day of Floral Design.

DIY Creations to Celebrate Floral Design DayA crown of flowers

To begin with, we can prepare a beautiful wreath, perfect for hanging in a corner of your house or your terrace. After choosing your favorite flowers, you will need to use pliers to bend the wire and give it a circle shape at each end. The next step will be to wrap the wire with adhesive floral tape, and begin to place the flowers in the crown.

To do this, you will have to insert the first flower on one end of the wire, as close as possible to the circle you made at the beginning with the pliers, and wind the stem with the floral ribbon. Cover the entire wire, covering the holes, and placing the most beautiful face of the flowers to the side that will most be seen. To finish the process, tie the crown with a satin ribbon to close the crown. If you are encouraged, you can prepare a completely closed crown , joining both ends of the wire.

Design a floral center for a table

First, buy a flower sponge, a wooden box like the one you see in the picture and the flowers that you like. Then put the sponge in water to absorb the liquid element and keep the flowers fresh as long as possible. Then wrap the box with cellophane to isolate it and prevent water from draining from the sponge.

Place the sponge inside, and from there, begins to decorate with the flowers. To add volume, you can use ferns, and regarding the flowers, the variety is very wide. In this case, we have chosen to give the protagonists the sunflowers, but you can put margaritas, roses … The options are endless!

A centerpiece with bottles and painted bottles

The centerpieces designed with bottles and cans are trend . There is more to see images of wedding banquets. At home, it is an easy and quick resource to prepare. Choose flowers, not seasonal, or wild looking, better than better. Select the jars or bottles, and spray them with a spray ,

While you leave them to dry, you will have to begin to prepare the small bouquets that we will put in the boats, rounding them with ribbons, leaves … giving them a fresh, casual and very natural air.

A floral terrarium

This season, terrariums in crystal balls are raging. We began to see them massively at Christmas, and after the holidays, green has flooded these pieces of glass, ideal for hanging and make compositions with them.

Fill the bolda with manure, and plant the chosen species. Cactuses, also very fashionable at the moment, or green plants are ideal. Depending on the size of the ball, you can finish decorating it with stones, shells, dry petals, wood …

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