Changing a ceiling lamp

You may already have you tired of seeing the same lamp in the living room every day of your life and want to replace it with another. It may also be that you go to make a new look in your home and that too lamp does not combine with the rest of the new stay.

Changing a ceiling lampWhatever the reason, changing a lamp does not have to suppose you a problem if you’re not an expert on electricity or lighting rooms. With a few steps, you can relegate the lamp by a more modern and novel old. Are you ready to change with your own hands? Onward !, we give you the steps necessary to achieve it.

First, you should gather all the tools that you will require for change. Ten hand lamp new roof, screws, duct tape, screwdriver and electric drill. Once you have all the materials at hand, you should cut the current power to avoid any danger while driving cables.

Then start removing the lamp. To do this, depending on the cleat and the lamp model, you must first remove the screen (if a non hanging lamp) and then unscrew the base of the ceiling. If, on the other hand, was a hanging lamp, you should carefully remove the ceiling mounting system, being careful not overstretched cables, or falling lamp. Once you’ve uninstalled the previous lighting system, you must set the new. To do this, you must connect the wires of the lamp with the new ceiling ceiling electrical system. Then the lamp securely fixed, making sure that no danger of falling to the ground, and holds up well the weight of it. Then again activate the electrical system and test the lamp turns on properly. The last step? Enjoying your new chandelier !

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