A summer around the pool, everything you need to set up your paradise

You have the pool, but if you want to create a paradise in your exterior, there are still some elements that you can include. From furniture to lighting, everything is important when it comes to setting up a good summer resting place.

Zones to eat and relax

Besides giving you swims in the water, the pool area can be a great place to put outdoor furniture to eat. Breakfasts, meals, snacks or outdoor dinners in furniture of different materials and styles. An interesting option are the sets of wicker or synthetic rattan that endure well outdoors, and can also be complemented by striking textiles.

A summer around the pool, everything you need to set up your paradiseThe wicker, natural or synthetic, is one of the most used exterior materials, perhaps for that tropical touch they offer, but there are others that also give good results. From the lightweight aluminum through the wood or even wrought iron . In addition, you can also find sets that mix several at a time.

Pergolas and umbrellas for sunny days

Although sunbathing is nice, it is a good idea to place systems that can protect you from the most powerful hours. It depends on your space you can choose between some or other solutions. If you have a terrace or large garden, the gazebos and pergolas are excellent. Larger and more robust, they will add an obvious plus decorative. Materials you have many, from wood to aluminum. Choose models whose textile part can be removed in a given night breeze to take advantage of during your dinner time.

If you do not have so much space, less is more. You can purchase an umbrella or parasol to cover the area where you usually place the loungers or that you reservations to eat and drink.

A shower for the outside

The showers outside help to keep the water from the pool cleaner. But, in addition, they can be an alternative to cool down at any given time. At this point, it is necessary to emphasize that you will find showers with and without installation. The showers without installation are portable and therefore lighter. They can be moved from one place to another easily.

The showers installation require minimal work. They have to be close to the water intake and must be attached to the hose or pipe. Unlike the previous ones, they are fixed, reason why its location will be the first thing that we must consider. And different materials are sold with a base, from wood to stainless steel. Moreover, you can also choose the base material either tile, wood, slate or stone. Do you want the latter? Solar showers, with water tanks that will be directly heated with solar energy.

Sunbeds for sunbathing

They are the true essentials; and it is that having a hammock in which to lie sunbathing is the best summer. You can place them next to the pool, choosing from a myriad of materials and shapes. They are, for example, fixed deck, with one position and more economic. Also accounts with reclining loungers with different regulations, to enjoy your comfort at all times.

Give your pool a different touch with hammocks and sun loungers is possible. If you do not want to go for flashy textiles, grab hammocks and reclining chairs colors that will bring joy to your exterior.

A bed in your garden

Why not? If space allows, place a reclining bed, those that have a structure and fabric for sun protection, can be a unique opportunity to infuse your pool magic in true resort style holiday.

Artificial turf for your pool?

Definitely, the artificial turf is a trend that every day more like it. Its advantages are obvious, a material that perfectly mimics the lawn but saves time on maintenance, not having to wash it down, cut or fumigated. In the market you will find diversity in color and thickness, can buy models that are exactly like natural. It works great in the pool area, it does not attract bugs and easily dried in the sun, among other benefits.

Non-skid flooring

If artificial turf does not convince you or you prefer to mix it with another type of pavement, you should choose well. Keep in mind that the pool is usually a place of constant humidity. If you want to avoid slipping, it is best to place a non – slip outdoor flooring. The wood, for example, works perfectly. Although it obviously has to be treated and special for exteriors, otherwise it could deteriorate quickly. If you fancy place something more practical, you can use floors synthetic wood, in addition to imitate this material are suitable for wet areas like the pool.

Do not forget to light your exteriors

The lighting night is also a factor to consider. Look for warm lighting, able to create relaxed environments during summer nights. Led lights can help you with that. Lights embedded in the floor, through installation, use or choose LED strips as models beacon. If you want something more original, you can dare with pvc furniture with integrated led light.

The most typical and classic lamps also give good results, although they are much larger and occupy more space. You also have fun options like garlands a little more romantic, which have become very fashionable ¿? make up your mind by torches and floating candles.

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