7 home remedies to clean wood

Wood in furniture and decoration never goes out of style. Nor they go unnoticed all stains and imperfections that can attack due to the passage of time or simply to use. There are many products on the market infallible, but as always I want you to present simple household tricks that have equal or greater effectiveness and we will take care of our furniture economically and ecologically. Here I leave you 7 tips to treat the different threats facing the wood…

7 home remedies to clean woodRetrieve the desiccated

The first trick that we can use, if what concerns us is the restoration of old wooden one piece of furniture that has lost all hydration, is to rub the material with a mixture of egg whites with a little ammonia. If, however, the furniture is new and we want to prevent it from reaching this point, we can apply such a simple cleaning treatment periodically with some of our soap diluted in water, remembering to dry thoroughly afterwards with a soft cloth.

Turn the light off

Another consequence of the passage of time is that the wood is losing its luster original, which disfigures our furniture and takes away all lusters. To polish again this material is advisable to apply on the surface dull a mixture consisting of a half cup of lemon juice and half a cup of olive oil. You can also substitute lemon for a splash of red wine for a striking effect. Once treated, you can pass a cloth dipped in glycerin to also create in the cabinet one protective layer that extends the duration of the results.

Out of line

Life at home makes almost inevitable oversights that cause those dreaded on wood. For extreme cases where the marks are abundant, it is best to rub the entire cabinet with a homemade anti – scratch solution: olive oil, and alcohol. If there is a scratch or a few localized, the damage disappear easily using bitumen shoe. To do this, you should only choose the cream with the closest to the color tone and furniture, if possible, in a format including a snap dispenser for direct application to the stripes.

Nightmare in liquid state

To dispel that awful outpouring that can leave markings on a table, I recommend rolling over the pool one cork (such as bottles of wine or champagne) to absorb moisture IMMEDIATELY. If it is too late and the liquid has already dried, try rubbing with a soft cloth moistened with a little mayonnaise.

Memory of that glass

Another threat to bare tables and in the context of a party to almost any surface become susceptible table, are the guests who support their cups, glasses or cups without compassion. These horrible fences can be deleted from the wood with a homemade paste made of ash with a splash of oil plant. Try to spend a sandpaper to lightly rub the area before applying the mixture.

Stale spot

In the event that you find an imperfection that neither intrastate at the time or know what it is, it is best to rub the area with lint – free rag soaked in lighter fluid. If gives you repels the use of gas, this case can also be solved by applying a mixture of moisturizer body (body milk) with a little furniture polish.

No more sleepless nights

If you had a candle on a cabinet and a drop has fallen on the surface and formed a glob already cold and solid, try passing an ice cube on it to harden and cracked. You can remove the leftover pieces carefully passing a plastic scraper.

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