You want to practice Crossfit? These are the items that we recommend to read before starting

For a couple of years ago and so far the Crossfit is one of the most popular activities to get fit, tone or gain muscle mass, more strength or lose weight.If you want to practice Crossfit, these are the items that we recommend to read before starting.

Recommended reading

The Crossfit is a very complex and intense discipline, are the definitions that all we usually get when we inquired about this activity.

You want to practice Crossfit These are the items that we recommend to read before startingHowever, for you to know more and can get an idea of what you are getting and get when you start Crossfit, we recommend reading the following articles:

  • The Crossfit defined in two minutes in a practical video where they show those traits that characterize this discipline and apart from the rest: functional movements, daily variety and intensity.
  • The scientific evidence about what the Crossfit can provide and / or produce in our bodies is never too much, therefore, recommend that you read what science says about it.
  • Lest you feel a completely alien activity when you start practicing Crossfit, it can be interesting to view a dictionary of terms Crossfit, and know the most commonly used elements and modalities of training more frequent.
  • The exercises are very diverse and since often involve multiple muscle groups, itis always advisable to take a good working technique. To get you familiar with the movements of Crossfit, please see our Crossfit guide where you will find a large number of exercises described.
  • If you still have doubts about whether the Crossfit is for you, you need to know that it is possible to individualize each WOD or training and therefore the Crossfit is one activity that we can all delve.
  • If your fear is the intensity and injuries, you should know that the benefits outweigh the risks if you make a suitable and personalized training, therefore it is important to consider some tips to not hurt while practicing Crossfit.
  • And finally, surely you will want to know a real experience after starting practice Crossfit therefore we share the story of our colleague after two months into this discipline.

You have a lot of interesting reading to learn everything you need and more about the Crossfit before entering into his practice and begin to see results.

If you have recently started in Crossfit, we invite you to share your experience or opinion in the comments.

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