You want to eliminate love handles?

The call of romantic love handles but have very little and are the torment of men and women who would like to look in the mirror uncovering slender, firm and sculpted. This can afflict even people actually very lean, the significant clue to understanding who put away love handles is not easy and is not enough to lose weight.

The fat that accumulates in areas of the waist size can be defeated only by following very specific measures that affect the supply and physical activity. Only the perfect combination of these can help solve the problem and certainly not in a few days. Do not be discouraged even if it takes several months, the goal is reached!

You want to eliminate love handles


Detail not to be underestimated: the rapid weight loss and targeted can only worsen the situation. The diet should be balanced and gradual weight loss. Better enjoy more meals during the day and then eat little and often. Fish, whole grains, legumes, vegetables, fruit (too dry), olive oil and yogurt: this must be the basis of our diet without ever overdoes the amount for each meal. There are some vegetables that tend to inflate the abdomen, better not to eat them too often. We speak of sauerkraut, cabbage, onions and cauliflower. We must never forget to have breakfast, a meal is more important than others to avoid finding ourselves a lifesaver instead of waist! Whole grains, yogurt and fruit should always be the awakening and each morning. Then we reduce the sweets, sugary drinks, alcohol and anything that contains too much yeast (bread, pizza, etc.).

Physical activity

Eat properly; in this case, it may not be enough. You need to match the most appropriate physical activity. Running, swimming, martial arts and aerobics exercises targeted: these sports or activities that do work and streamline the trunk area. Even yoga helps to sculpt the body but need a much longer time. It is not necessary to put stress on the mind and body by practicing continuously extruded. Just a few minutes a day and it’s always good to start with a moderate workout that does not overdrive the heart.

Creams the waist

Even the world of cosmetics can make a small contribution. In the market there are hundreds of creams that promise a perfect abdomen, but not all keep their word. Usually the creams that are more efficient are those based on capsaicin, an extract of chilli peppers which stimulates circulation and promotes the elimination of fat.

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