What to choose: press or squats?

We certainly talk about two “star” exercises in any workout routine. Two varieties that never fail when hipertrofiar the lower body, but have their differences.

When planning a routine “perfect” leg, do we choose: press or squat? A fairly common question because there are still many misconceptions and unknowns in both exercises.

What to choose press or squatsTo start…

When we work on leg press we are subject to a preset own pattern of the machine, which often may not perfectly fit individual needs, while in the squat work the lower body with free weights and through an exercise complex And greater mobility.

As for the weight with which we are going to work, it is undoubtedly always greater in the leg press than in the squat, between 1.8-2 times higher. The reason is that, in the case of the press, the lower back and hip work disappear, avoid the balance and stabilizing activation involving the squat.

Differences between the work of each exercise

If we analyze the movement required to perform each of these two years, we can conclude that for press working only throw knee extension while in the case of the squat, we speak of a more complex multi – joint movement that includes knee Hip area

Given this fact and knowing the specific areas we work in both years, it can be concluded in view of electromyographic findings that the stimulations will be different in both cases:

  • Muscle stimulation: For quadriceps, performing the exercise in general, stimulation in both cases will be quite similar. But if we take care, for example, work in the lumbar, gluteal, femoral or abdominal, in the case of the squat is going to be clearly superior.
  • Hormonal stimulation: Work with squats favors releasing higher levels of growth hormone IGF-1, producing greater muscle damage and facilitate increased physical performance through increased nerve impulse transmission.

How to get maximum performance from the leg press

If we read here, it seems that the choice between one exercise and another is more than clear, but nothing is “white or black.” The leg press is also a perfect place for hipertrofiar exercise and fit into our daily routine, and also if you know how to properly can also bring benefits:

  • If we want to intensify the work on quadriceps and calves, the press can be a good ally. To achieve this, it is important to perform the exercise at an appropriate speed, without too rapid movements, and placing the feet in the upper part of the platform.
  • If we want to stress the involvement in gluteus and hamstrings, movement extension work faster by placing their feet on the bottom of the platform.

Besides this, in people with lower back or low back, the press may be an exercise to provide certain advantages since it is not to force the damaged area.

So … what do we choose?

Clearly, if we consider the overall work done with either exercise, we can say that the squat offers higher performance in terms of overall volumes, but as mentioned, working with press can provide more specific and isolated hipertrofias.

The important thing is to get a routine that fits the needs of each one and the objectives that we have in mind. After knowing the advantages offered by each other, we can consider a good workout combining both varieties and taking advantage of the benefits offered by each other.

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