What should I take with me to a care home?

As with all major life changes, such as going to a new school or a job, retirement or moving house, there is anxiety about the unknown. A move into a care home can, in many cases, be even more alarming. Like all other life changes, the more well informed and prepared you are, the smoother the transition into a care home will be.

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Here are the important things you need to take with you:

Clothing – there is no need to move everything on the first day. Moving can be daunting enough without stressing it’s forever. Spread out the move if possible. For more information on Care Homes Solihull, visit a site like https://sandersseniorliving.co.uk/the-collection/claridge-place-care-home-solihull/

Personal items – bring the essentials to make the new environment feel like home but, like clothing, it is sensible to add to it over time.

Medicine – care home staff can only administer prescription drug so make sure all the tablets are clearly marked in their original boxes.

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Signed contract and payment – a signed contract is imperative as this is in place to protect the home and residents and is a CQC requirement.

LPA – If you have a family member or friend acting as a Lasting Power of Attorney for you, the home will need to see it as, by law, they are not allowed to let them to make any decisions for you without evidence of legal status.

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