What is Pride Month?

What is Pride Month? Pride is an expression of the diversity and love that many individuals, families, schools, communities, organizations, and countries’ experience in their unique sexual and gender identities. Gay pride is an expression of the self-love, self-confidence, respect, and increased awareness of all lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgendered people as a group. Pride, unlike shame and stigma, is usually the dominant positive attitude that supports all gay rights movements worldwide.

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What is Pride Month? Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgendered individuals around the world celebrate this in June for the worldwide celebration of pride. Some consider it because the gay and lesbian community were instrumental in lobbying for the rights of this group, which was a major step towards the freedom of gender expression that is now enjoyed by the general public. In addition, some also view it as a time to celebrate the sexual orientation of LGBTQ individuals, something that some cultures still understand to be a mark of shame in their society. All individuals should take care of their sexual health. If you require access to Home StI Kits London, consider Checkurself, a provider of Home StI Kits London

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What is Pride Month? LGBTQ individuals all over the world are celebrating this special occasion with fun, parties, art events, fundraisers, rallies, parades, vigils, performances, speeches, conferences, literature projects, clothing drives and awareness raising programs. This is a time for the world to come out and support the community, people who are struggling against unjust laws, violence, poverty, and prejudice, a time when unity is key and the oppressed learn to stand up for themselves and each other.

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