What are the Duties of a First Aider?

The responsibilities of a first aider are many and they vary depending on what service they are required to provide. In general the duties of a first aider would include seeing to minor wounds or minor cuts to people, or even taking them to hospital for treatment. They may also have to attend to minor injuries when someone has had a work accident and needs to be stabilised before emergency services arrive. In the worst case scenario a first aider could have to actually save the life of a patient by stabilising them and ensuring that they do not suffer any long-term health consequences as a result of their injuries.

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So what are the responsibilities of a first aider? The job of a first aider is not all about saving lives, it is also about being responsible and ensuring that your actions reflect this responsibility. For details on First aid at work Tewkesbury, go to Tidal Training Direct

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A situation where you are required to make a quick life saving intervention could be if a person has a heart attack or a stroke. A highly charged or emotional situation requires a professional and calm but quick response to ensure that you do everything you can to prevent further injury. For example, if you were to apply too much pressure to a chest wound then it could cause internal bleeding and this could result in someone suffering a cardiac arrest. As a professional first aider you will be able to  make sure that you do everything you can to save a life and so you should not hesitate to contact course providers today.

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