Understanding the advantages of Vaser liposuction

In years gone by, liposuction required patients to book into hospital, spend an extended duration of time recovering and still not necessarily attain the desired results; now, Vaser lipo offers a vast number of benefits and the results attained are far better than with previous methods, as the procedure is more accurate in the area it can target.

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This safe and effective form of plastic surgery allows a surgeon to sculpt and contour the body in a very precise way, improving on the traditional lipo methods by utilising ultra sound waves to break down fat quickly and accurately, making it easy to suction away.

London Vaser liposuction clinics offer this more modern alternative to the traditional procedure and ensure better results and less recovery time, along with fewer risks.

Major benefits

Vaser lipo has many benefits, with the key advantages being:

–       A lower risk to the surrounding tissue and blood vessels due to the ultra sound waves being able to target the precise area required.

–       Large volumes of fat can be liquefied and removed in a short period of time, offering premium results with minimum trauma to the body.

–       A far shorter recovery time is recorded, as the procedure is less invasive and allows patients to resume normal activities far faster.

–       The procedure is quick and simple and has far less risk. Wimpole Aesthetics offers Vaser liposuction, as do many other aesthetic clinics, making hospital time unnecessary.

–       The procedure is less painful, swelling is reduced and there is far less chance of bruising and vein damage than with traditional methods.

Achieving a toned, sculptured body

Vaser lipo allows a surgeon to sculpt the area targeted, resulting in a tighter and toned appearance. Patients often still have loose skin after traditional liposuction, which has stretched to accommodate the fat they had removed. With Vaser lipo the surgeon is able to make use of the ultra sound waves to reduce the chances of sagging.

A major benefit for many is that this type of liposuction does not require a patient to go under anaesthetic. Vaser can be completed using a local anaesthetic and up to seven litres of fat can be removed from a single area, making this procedure both effective and efficient.

Vaser lipo is an excellent option and the results of this procedure are instantly noticeable.

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