Top 9 Foods Rich in Vitamin D

In one of the last entries we talked about the importance of maintaining good levels of vitamin D and its relationship with the skeletal bone. As we have seen, a correct contribution of this vitamin can be crucial in avoiding diseases such as rickets or osteoporosis.

Top 9 Foods Rich in Vitamin DTaking care of our bones is fundamental for our day to day life and for our future. Help with a varied diet that invite taking foods rich in vitamin D will help us faithfully in our purpose: Top 9 foods rich in vitamin D.

List of foods rich in Vitamin D

Cod liver oil : it is a vitamin supplement with a high contribution not only of vitamin D, with 1667mg / 100g, but also of Omega 3 and vitamin A. A simple spoonful of this oil covers the daily needs of vitamin D we need.

Salmon : one of the fish that most amount of vitamin D contributes, about 320mg per 100gin its canned version.
Dine in on a variety of different vitamin D-rich protein dishes such as this salmon salad with salmon and prawns, fresh salmon burgers or rolls of smoked salmon with gulas.

Sardines : As in the previous case, sardines in olive oil are the ones that provide the most amounts of vitamin D, 180mg per 100g , although the natural product is also a good source, not only of this vitamin, but also of Protein and Omega 3.

Oysters : mollusk that we have already included in other previous “Tops” for being the star of foods rich in zinc, and we include it again today because oysters, although we do not eat them too often …., are also a great source Of vitamin D: 80mg / 100g .

Enriched cereals : they have a good dose of vitamin D which makes them ideal as a frequent breakfast: 57mg / 100g . Always check the nutritional chart of the product to choose the variety of cereals that avoid refined sugars.
Choose the cereals that best suit your needs and prepare your own energy barsor cereal muffins for those sweet days.

Dairy products : such as cheeses, yogurts and milk, especially soy or enriched varieties, are inside our top of foods rich in vitamin D, reaching up to 50mg / 100g . Take advantage and add calcium to your dishes.
Try to take it beyond dessert and use it for sauces as in this lean lamb recipe or in these yogurt chicken muslitos.

Mushrooms and mushrooms : to include even more variety in the top of today, we propose the consumption of this type of food that always generate a good contribution of vitamin D. In particular, a serving of 100g of mushroom chanterelle (Cantharellus cibarius) provide more Of half CDRs.

Eggs : star food that can not be missed in any balanced diet. We have talked about egg benefits on other occasions and this time we do it to include it in our top of foods rich in vitamin D with a contribution of 9mg / 100g (10% of the CDR).

Light single r: I know that is not about food, but it is essential to include it in our list today because sunlight are in addition to food, the other source of obtaining vitamin D. In fact only 15 minutes in the sun three times a week, you can ensure a minimum of vitamin D.

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