To burn fat more repetitions or more weight

For most people who are in the world of weight training, or have spent years practicing fitness, this question may seem obvious and be more than resolved. But the truth is that very often, especially people who start, I continue to consult this type of doubts.

If I want to burn fat what is better? More repetitions or more weight? It is very common that if you start in the gym and do not consult any monitor, or person who can advise you, you have a choice when prioritizing the execution of the exercises.

There are many myths around the issue of lifting less weight by doing more repetitions and vice versa, but the truth is that if you do not perform the exercise with optimal weight and adequate, increasing it while increasing the intensity, we are not on the right track.

To burn fat more repetitions or more weightLet us then go on the right path …

Something similar happened when we talked about the most effective way to burn fat … cardio or weights? Many people relate a higher calorie burn with running an hour at regular pace rather than with an optimal session of weights ; But the reality is that in the medium term the weights, as we saw, fulfilled these expectations much more optimally. As in this case the same thing happens, many people erroneously relate a more durable exercise (with many repetitions) with burning more fat.

With this I mean that the more intensity we involve in training (high loads at low repetitions) the more muscle mass we will create and therefore, in the medium term, the more fat we will burn (the more muscle, the more basal metabolism).

If we seek to burn fat and get a good muscle tone, we must put the weight and quality of each performance before the lightweight indefinite repetitions, with that we will generate more muscle hypertrophy that is the key to increasing fat burning regardless of diet Which should obviously be hypocaloric for this purpose.

Therefore, while in training you can burn more fat “on the spot” with less heavy and low intensity workouts, training between 6 and 12 repetitions with good intensity and attending a good speed and cadence, you will burn in the long term Much more fat.

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