Tips in case of lumbago

If you are a person tending to suffer from back pain, you are going to give some tips in case of lumbago to take in the best way possible.

Make a sudden movement, you wake up after a while sitting in poor posture or after a cold night and start to feel discomfort in the lower back or neck. Surely ever you happened to you. Low back pain is very common, and in the same way that there are different types, remedies may also vary.

Tips in case of lumbagoRemedies for lumbago

Among the main home remedies for lumbago, we recommend:

  • It is very important to a good position. You have to take the habit of sitting upright, legs uncrossed and the back straight, especially if you ‘re going to be along time in that position. It’s something that initially cost, but if we work hard and we’re picking up the habit (say that you need at least 21 days to have it) our lower back will thank you.
  • Make sport. Needless to know the benefits that exercise. Albeit gradually depending on how you recover, you should do aerobics (swimming), cardiovascular exercise (bicycle) or different types of stretching.
  • Take care to bedtime. Even when we rest at night we have to try to get her back or side, since thus suffer less our spine. On the other hand, quality mattress and pillows suitable height also contribute to solve the problems and it is good to combat lumbago.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. In the foot is where all the nerve endings in our body, which must be taken care for as positively affect the health of the rest of the body.
  • Set the furniture at the right distance. If possible, use an adjustable chair to get a suitable height that allows taking a good position and reclining option.
  • Use proper posture or when loading some weight. Postures So back or neck is not force, bend your knees enough to reach the object and to rise again to carry him.

What do you think our advice in case of lumbago?

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