Three basic tips to take care of the health of your feet this summer

With the high temperatures and the arrival of the holidays, one of the great pleasures is to spend time on the beach or in the pool, roasting in the sun or playing in the water: this way we enjoy our free time while we dedicate some well-deserved moments of relaxation after work all year.

And if there is a part of the body that takes center stage when summer arrives, that’s our feet: we take them to the air with sandals during the day and with flip flops during leisure time. But at the same time they gain prominence they also increase the chances of suffering some kind of pathology in them. We offer you three basic tips to take care of the health of your feet this summer.

Take care of the hygiene of your feet

Bring hygiene to our feet is something we must do all year round, but even more so in summer. After the shower we must ensure that we dry our feet well and remove all traces of moisture with a towel (it is important to have our own and not share it with other people to avoid fungal infections) insisting on areas such as the space between the fingers and the fold of union between these and the sole of the foot.

Dry your feet thoroughly after showering or bathing, removing all moisture

If our sweating in summer is abundant ( or even excessive), we can apply an antiperspirant on the sole : we should not use deodorants, but a specific product for the care of our extremities, which is specially formulated for this area of ​​the body.

Also take care of our nails , cutting them straightand following the shape of the finger, it is important to maintain a good hygiene of the feet. In the case of using enamel, we must renew it every so often to prevent fungi from forming due to the humidity in the area.

Do not walk barefoot in public places

Both in the pool and in the shower areas it is mandatory that we wear rubber flip flops (at these specific times, not as usual footwear) to avoid contact of our feet with the ground. The majority of the infections that we suffer in the feet in summer are caused by bacteria or fungi that we can contract when walking barefoot on the ground.

Using appropriate footwear for each situation we will also avoid the small fissures or cuts that we can suffer if we walk with bare feet. Another of the frequent pathologies in the feet in summer is the appearance of viral warts caused by the penetration of the human papillomavirus (HPV) through these small fissures. Walking shoes can prevent the appearance of them.

In addition, after a day of swimming or beach it is best to wash the flip flops when you get home to keep them clean and avoid possible infections. A simple gesture that costs very little but which in turn is rare.

Take care of your feet when doing sports

In summer it is important that we choose a breathable footwear , especially at the time of doing sports, that let breathe at the foot to avoid excessive sweating and possible infections. Most sports brands have specific footwear for summer, with lighter fabrics, which ensure a safer and more comfortable sports practice.

It is especially important in summer that we take care of the choice of footwear and invest a little time in correctly placing the socks (without wrinkles or folds) to avoid the appearance of possible blisters or chafing, which may be more frequent due to increased sweating. In case they appear it is important to clean the area and apply a dressing to protect them and thus avoid possible infections (in addition to obvious discomfort).

Remember also to protect your feet from the sun with a broad spectrum protector , especially in the area of ​​the tops: a part of the body in which we usually forget to apply sunscreen and in which it is not uncommon to suffer annoying burns.

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