The seven activities you can do at home to keep fit this season

If with the cold you do not want to leave the heat of your home but do not want to lose the line, we suggest you try some of these seven activities that you can do at home to keep fit this winter season .

Yoga and pilates

If you want to relax for the end of the year parties and at the same time, achieve a good muscle work that can help you improve your posture, strengthen the middle area of ​​the body and prevent discomfort in the back or other areas of the body, yoga and the pilates are for you.

The advantage of these two activities is that they do not require a lot of space, they do not have an impact and you do not need more equipment than a wide mat or mat for their realization.

It may be useful to use YouTube channels such as Yogahora or Blogilates where you can find classes and complete sessions to follow in the comfort of your home in this new course.

Stationary bicycle

If you have been buying a cardio machine for some time, such as the stationary bicycle and it has only served to support your clothes, now is the time to dust it off and take advantage of it.

With the stationary bike you can not only pedal to burn calories while enjoying your favorite series on Netflix but also, sweat and train hard with a routine to burn fat working for a short time at high intensity.

Other options are to go to applications that help us simulate a road and so, train from home as if we were outdoors on a nice summer afternoon.


If you have a treadmill instead of a stationary bike, you should know that you can give it many more uses than you imagine: not only running at high intensity to burn more calories or inclining to get as close as possible to outdoor training, but also, use it to work muscles.

Since we will have a treadmill below us, we can take advantage of this forced displacement to work other muscles of the body and not just the lower trainwhile burning calories. For example, you can practice exercises that, using the treadmill as a point of support, work arms, shoulders, back, pectorals, glutes, legs and many other areas of the body.

Self-loading exercises

To strengthen the body without machines, and without any element , we can access self-loading exercises, that is, they must mobilize our own body weight.

Thus, we can perform pushups , strides , squats , dominated and many other exercises that require no equipment any and therefore we can develop them at home or wherever we are, out of the gym, to strengthen muscles throughout the body.

Another option is to access the practice of calisthenics , very intense and useful at the time of getting in shape if we have spent time training, but without specific sports equipment and suitable to implement at home .

Training with home elements

Using elements that we all have at home, such as backpacks, books, bottles filled with water, towels, chairs or others , we can have weights, support surfaces and many other options to work the muscles not only with our body.

Thus, we can perform exercises using a chair, work different muscles with towels or specifically the abdomen with this element, as well as use brooms, tables, water bottles as cargo, among others .

Another alternative is to assemble our own sports equipment at home, with elements that we all have at our fingertips to strengthen body muscles.

Only one pair of dumbbells

The dumbbells are usually the elements that we all usually have at home to perform simple exercises, however, with its use we can perform many movements to work the whole body intensely.

In addition, we can create different routines depending on the objective we have, whether it is to strengthen muscles and tone up, gain muscle mass, relax or burn calories and fat.

The routines with dumbbells are ideal for at home and in the gym to stay fit this season.

Cardio without machines or elements

If your goal is primarily to burn fat and calories but you do not have an exercisebike, a treadmill or other cardiovascular machine, we suggest you achieve your goal with exercises that we can do at home, without any equipment .

Movements like the climber, jumps , burpees, among others that can help us train cardio in a different way .

In addition, we can accentuate the results to burn fat if we use a HIIT routine to put them into practice.

We already see that there are a variety of options to train at home and stay in shape this season even if we do not have the desire or the possibility of going to the gym.

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