The importance of eating fat if we burn more fat

With the arrival of summer diets are something that is the order of the day. Control what we eat and avoid excesses are what we do most of us to get lose those kilos left over us. Sport is another alternative to get a perfect body for the summer. All this is aimed to lose those fat reserves left over us, and so the main interest is ending the fat that accumulates in our body. But when it comes to losing fat there is one thing to keep in mind.

First, it is important that we know and have very clear that the time to end the excess fat in our body we have a number of points in mind, is that not everything is to get the ideal weight. The body has a specific function, and it is necessary to have it in mind when losing fat. Generally when we want to lose fat we stop eating it to draw on existing reserves in the body, but this needs to know how to do it to be as effective as possible.

The importance of eating fat if we burn more fatFat Burning Process

The process of fat burning by the body is very simple, because first we consume glucose for immediate energy, and when it is over, what we will get energy from fat stores of the body. If we do not eat energy or high – fat foods our body will adopt an own protocol of a state of emergency, and when he will draw on their own reserves stored for times of need.

Subjecting our bodies to this series of measures will force end up with much of the fat reserves that had accumulated in the body. But despite losing the fat, which will be cause for future occasions our body back to store more fat as we receive it through food, and that is to trigger this state of emergency the body retain fat for other Similar occasions.

Slower metabolism

On the other hand we must keep in mind that our body consumes calories and thus you fat depending on how fast your metabolism works. By not eating fat from our diet, our body, guided by the alarm system described above, will cause our metabolism slows down to not consume as much fat. This will be counterproductive, since the tendency to accumulate fat in the body will be greater than usual.

The importance of eating fats

To prevent this from happening we must have in mind the importance of getting fat through diet, as it is necessary for the proper functioning of the body nutrient. If in our diet fat is included, our body function normally, yes, it is not necessary that we spend with the amounts we eat, for thus what we will tend to accumulate that excess in the body, making our volume increases.

To eat healthily and fats provide the body of the amounts of fatty acids needed is important that we take hold of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Foods high in saturated fats are not recommended because they do not help us to speed up metabolism and accumulate in the body. Use olive oil and eating fish is the best solution to lose weight and burn fat healthy way without thereby harming our body.

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