The danger of too much exposure to UV rays

We hear a lot about how damaging too much sun can be. Here are some interesting things to know about exposure to the sun’s rays this summer.

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Melanoma is the most preventable type of malignant skin cancer

About 90 percent of melanoma cases are caused by the accumulated exposure to the sun’s harmful UVA rays. UV light is also a major risk factor for most common curable forms of skin cancer. Thankfully, there are preventative steps you can easily follow such as avoiding the hottest parts of the day, covering your skin and using a high factor sunscreen.

Tanned skin is not healthy skin

Tanned skin is actually damaged skin. The myth of having a protective ‘base tan’ has been dispelled by the Melanoma Research Foundation. Realistically, a base tan will not protect you from sunburn because the protection is minimal and the equivalent to just SPF 3.

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Sunburn increases the risk of melanoma

Research has identified that just one episode of blistering sunburn before age 20 doubles the risk of melanoma in your life. Three or more blistering sunburns before age 20 increases the possibility of melanoma by five times. Therefore, it’s vital to help children and young people cover up in the sun. Consider sun protection in your garden too. For more information on Awnings Stratford Upon Avon, visit

Even your eyes can get burned

Chronic exposure to UV rays can result permanent damage, even blindness. Sunburned eyes may look red and feel painful dry and sandy. If you spend a lot of time outdoors, it is recommended to wear 100% UV protection sunglasses.

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