The beach, a perfect place to work your legs

The work of legs is perhaps one of the hardest and the least we usually like in the training routine. But in spite of everything, it is important that we get a defined legs and in perfect condition. So this time we will stop in a way to get it without even realizing it, and for this summer is the best ally. What it is about is to exercise on the beach and make sand an ally to work the legs.

The beach is the best way to make the heat of these dates bearable, but it can also be an ideal place to work our body. Especially in the case of the legs we can take advantage of sand and water as the perfect resistance to work the legs and keep them active throughout the summer while multiplying the effects of conventional exercises.

The beach, a perfect place to work your legsThe sand, an unstable ground that offers resistance

What happens with the sand of the beach is that it is an unstable terrain. It is not a firm ground such as a road or a green meadow. The sand on the beach is loose and makes the instability in the legs bigger. Precisely this is what makes the resistance that we must overcome with the legs is greater, thus obtaining a much more intense work of the muscles that compose them.

Activities to do on the sand

To achieve this there are many activities that we can carry out on the sand of the beach. From running, where the impact will be lower and the resistance greater, until playing the bolley or jumping on the sand to encourage muscle work on the legs. With all these activities, besides performing a perfect aerobic exercise for the beach we will increase the intensity in the lower train.

Playing with the shovels on the beach, which looks like a simple action will also help us to work a lot more legs, as simply a scroll running on the sand is much more intense than many other exercises. One must also keep in mind that walking on sand on the beach is an intense exercise that puts the leg muscles at a higher tension than usual.

Sea water is also good resistance

But not only will the sand help us increase leg work, but we can also take advantage of the water resistance to increase the results of the exercises. It will simply serve us by placing us on the shore, in the quietest part and where it covers less, to run or walk in the water, so that the liquid offers a resistance that puts our muscles to work more and thus to obtain better results.

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