Smoothie or juice, light or summer red, cookies or toast. Which one gets fatter?

At the time of health care everything is a matter of choice, so if your goal is to lose weight or not add kilos to your body, we show you different alternatives that we can choose from in our diet and we will try to decipher which one gets fatter: smoothie or juice ? Clear or red of summer? Cookies or toast?

Smooth vs. juice

Milkshakes and fruit juices are two very consumed options in this hot season and are widely used in infant feeding. And although both share the presence of fruit among their ingredients, they have some differences.

The juice is the result of extracting the aqueous content of one or more fruits or vegetables, so it has a high percentage of water, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and natural sugars in its composition.

A glass of natural juice can have around 100 Kcal derived mainly from simple carbohydrates, that is, sugars that derive from the fruits or vegetables that make up the same. Thus, it has a liquid consistency and quickly its nutrients reach the bloodstream .

The shake is the result of putting different ingredients into the blender, which can have much more than fruit and vegetables that are usually placed with their pulp and even with their skin in these preparations.

This last option is more satisfying than juice, because in addition to vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and water we can have fiber and proteins that calm our appetite if we add milk, yogurt or fresh cheese for example. In addition, the shake by its mode of preparation includes air something that helps increase the volume without adding calories or what is the same, reduces the caloric density of the dish, a very useful resource to eat less or lose weight .

Then, the shake will always be the least fattening option if we use the same ingredients as for the juice, as it will satisfy the body more and for each serving, it will have fewer calories in equal volume.

Clara vs. red summer

We have already talked about the clear beer and summer red , two options very consumed on the beach or bars in the hot season, and both contain alcohol as well as simple sugars that derive from the juice or soft drink that is included in your recipe.

However, the summer red doubles the beer white and the latter can be made with beer without alcohol and with natural juice so as not to consume added sugars, while the 0.0% summer red option is based on grape must, a concentrate of sugars that although it does not have alcohol, also adds energy of poor quality to the drink.

Also, beer has better nutrients than red wine, therefore, if we want a more recommendable option, maybe the choice is clear, although as we always say, better to eliminate sugars and alcohol from the diet and for that, we will choose beer. without alcohol and natural juice for its preparation.

Cookies or toast

To be more fair with the comparison, we will talk about salty crackers and both options of industrial origin , because very different can be homemade alternatives if we take care of the ingredients in their preparation.

If we talk about cookies we can find fiber rich and very low in calories derived from sugars, however, these usually concentrate fats in appreciable amounts can be many of them trans fat that harm our health and nothing helps to care for the aesthetic .

While the toasts are nothing more than dehydrated bread , and commercial options can add a not less amount of sodium and sugars, but in general they always have fewer calories, sugars and fats than cookies .

Both are hard textured so they require chewing but if we analyze nutritional quality, the tostas are the most recommended option when we seek not to gain weight or lose weight .

The amount also matters

In addition to looking at the nutrients of each food to choose the most appropriate alternative and discard the most fattening of our diet, it is always important to control the amount and frequency of consumption .

If we are going to consume twice as many toasts as cookies, perhaps the choice for the first alternative is not appropriate for our attempts not to get fat or lose weight, so it is best to also take into account the rations consumed as well as the frequency of consumption.

It will never be advisable to drink alcoholic beverages daily, or eat smoothies or juices as if it were water to accompany all meals of the day , therefore, beyond the quality of nutrients we must take care of the amount we eat as well as the frequency with that we make them present in our diet, since only then we will opt for the best alternatives to lose weight or not gain weight.

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