Rest active: Recover but do not stop moving

The rest is necessary at the time to get a perfect muscle development. In countless occasions we have commented how good it is to let the muscles rest after doing an activity. But for many people rest not enter into their plans, so in this post we want to stop at other rest, known as active rest.

Muscle soreness, muscle overload, fatigue … are some of the symptoms of intense training and lack of rest in many cases. For it is good to include rest periods in our routine. To leave a day in between or two to rest is necessary: but to rest does not mean to sit at home doing nothing. We will defend active rest, which will help us to be on the move while we recover.

Rest activeRecover but do not stop movingKeep the blood flow active to recover before

Many times we discussed that is very good shoelaces continue doing lower intensity exercise because the increase blood flow to accelerate muscle recovery. This is precisely the active rest, to continue activating our body, only to a lesser intensity than usual.

Decrease intensity, one of the maxims of active rest

For many people the active rest consists of training another muscle group different from the one worked the previous day, that is, if we work legs, the next day we will work chest. For many people this is rest, but the reality is that it is not, since the intensity of training is the same. One of the main maximum of active rest is decreasing intensity .

To make an active break in conditions ideally change activity and, as mentioned above, reduce the intensity of exercise . For example, go for a walk at a brisk pace instead of practicing race is a good way to actively practicing rest. The same thing we can do with the bike, that is, take a leisurely walk without looking for marks or anything like that. What we pursue is to stay active without further.

Active rest improves muscle recovery

As we said at the beginning of the post, the active rest will keep our accelerated blood flow, thereby improving muscle recovery . In addition, active rest will achieve eliminate toxins accumulated stress suffered when performing the exercise. In this way, when recovering the habitual state of the muscles we will be able to obtain that they yield more and better when returning to train of habitual way.

Active rest as part of the routine

Therefore it is very important that the active rest between plans within our training. Learn to plan throughout the week and leave one or two days to recover in this way is a good alternative that we should not overlook. The same thing that from time to time it is good that we reserve a week to rest actively and thus we can recover again to start topping with new marks and objectives.

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