“Quick take the juice that loses the vitamins” Myth or reality?

I’m sure all of you have said ever in life, especially for years, this phrase mythical when you a little orange juice freshly squeezed. And this statement, passed from mouth to mouth and mother to mother, is undoubtedly one of those that will go down in history.

“Quick take the juice that loses the vitamins” But is it a myth or a reality? Nowadays there are already studies that have focused on revealing one of the most ingrained home puzzles, “how long the vitamins take to disappear”. Would our mothers be right?

Quick take the juice that loses the vitamins Myth or realityWhen we talk about the time that “die hard vitamins” obviously we do not mean that they will disappear from the freshly squeezed juice from one moment to another, but a occurs considerable decrease of vitamin C in the juice over time.

But how much time do we talk about?

The classic phrase “drink the quick juice” relate it unconsciously with after the fruit has been liquefied minutes, but nonetheless a study published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, reveals to us the reality on the possible “disappearance vitamin”.

According to the conclusions that were reached through several studies analyzed, so that the considerable decrease occurring vitamin C in the juice, we should expose the drink to extreme thermal conditions, such as temperature rise above 120, Since this vitamin is an unstable nutrient to heat.

Since this requirement will not represent a situation of conventional exposure, unless the proficients intentional way, the research finds that the amounts of vitamin C present in orange juice are not going to see diminished or affected by a space estimated time of at least 12 hours. Although he warns that, over time, the flavor and bitterness of the juice may be slightly modified.

How to consume orange: whole or juice

To add other information concerning the optimal mode for consumption orange, keep in mind that the properties of the piece of whole fruit and juice are not the same.

On the one hand, the amount of fiber that has a piece of whole fruit is much higher than we take in through a fresh orange juice, and in this case almost negligible when also remove the pulp drink. 

This difference in fiber content makes the absorption of sugars also faster in the case of orange juice and satiating power is much lower. For these reasons, the option of taking fresh fruit in piece is always more advisable than the continuous intake of natural juices.

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