Properties of millet seeds

Millet is a cereal, a small yellow seed or grain with a huge amount of essential nutrients and minerals ideal for keeping an iron. The great advantage of millet consumption is that it does not contain gluten, which means it can be consumed by celiac sufferers relax.

Properties of millet seedsMillet benefits for our body

Millet benefits to our health are many, these are its main properties:

  • It has abundant fiber, perfect to regulate our intestines.
  • It provides a considerable amount of magnesium body, mineral necessary for the proper workings of the muscles and nervous system. In fact it is considered that millet is useful in the fight against muscle aches, fatigue and nervous system disorders.
  • Other minerals and trace elements provides millet are: zinc, phosphorus, potassium, iron and calcium.
  • Having a generous portion of carbohydrates is a source of heat, energy and vitality.
  • It contains vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6 and folic acid, essential for pregnancy and lactation.
  • Millet has phenols, working as antioxidants and thus contributes in preventing degenerative diseases.
  • For vegetarians it is a necessary substitute other products as it has methionine and other essential amino acids that are often deficient in these diets.
  • It is useful to fight insomnia, depression, anxiety and even hyperactivity thanks to minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids it contains.
  • In addition, millet has anti-inflammatory properties in intestinal tracts reducing the frequency of disease or the severity of their signs.

How to eat millet

When consuming it, keep in mind that this cereal takes a while to get, around three quarters of an hour. However, it is recommended that if we are to be careful we do seriously and devote at least one hour to cook millet simmering.

We just have to boil and once ready mix in different dishes or create new ones from this cereal. For example, we could make millet salad, stuffed croquettes, cakes … Dozens of combinations to enjoy!

Do you dare to eat millet and enjoy all its features and benefits?

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