Properties of bananas

This time we will see the properties of bananas that besides being a delicious fruit are very nutritious. Most of the time we eat as it asks us the body and, if we paid some attention, not what he asks but what you need, we will find a healthy diet without even noticing.

The banana has starch such as potatoes and pasta, which makes us think that fat. This is neither truth nor lie. And there are foods that should not be taken at any time of day. This is the case of bananas. The starch provides a lot of energy, but instead slows digestion. This tells us that it is not advisable to eat banana dessert at night; there would be when this tasty fruit fatten us.

Properties of bananasBanana Benefits

What are the benefits bestowed upon us eating bananas? Let’s go see it!

  • -Recode Levels cholesterol.
  • -Avoid Unpleasant muscle cramps.
  • -Decreased Blood pressure.
  • -Collaborator In reducing cardiovascular problems.
  • -Fight against anemia.
  • -It reduces intestinal problems, calming nausea and vomiting.

It’s useful for the prevention and control of hypertension and gout.

It’s great for athletes and children, because it brings energy. It is also very useful for those who suffer from fatigue.

Some women suffer a lot when they have menstruation. The banana is the natural solution to these evils, because it relieves these aches and pains.

Thanks to its usefulness against intestinal discomfort and anti-nausea, the bananas are very useful for pregnant women.

As we know, the banana is rich in potassium which is perfect for removing liquids.

Remember that the key is knowing how to combine everything that we like to eat (and what we should care) for our body to function properly.

Knowing this, what does your fruit bowl without bananas? However, it is appropriate to eat as much each day. Do not forget that all good, in excess, ceases to be.

What do you think these properties banana? What do you usually include in your daily diet? You know any recipe?

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