Practical guide so that the change of time affects you as little as possible

With the arrival of spring come the climatic changes and the day has more hours, so we can enjoy more time of light. This makes this new station bring a change of time. Specifically this weekend, the last of March will take us to advance one hour our clocks early Sunday. This simple fact makes many people feel their biorhythms altered and therefore in this post we want to give you some tips to make this change more bearable and that we hardly notice it.

Practical guide so that the change of time affects you as little as possibleFirst of all, the main thing is to adapt as soon as possible to the new time. It is true that for a few days we will notice, but to adapt as soon as possible the best is not to remember that one hour has been advanced. The most successful in this case is to adopt the new schedule and follow the same routines as always but with the new time. In spite of everything, many times we will feel affected and for that reason it does not hurt to have some tricks about it.

Go one hour before sleep

First of all we recommend that on Saturday we go an hour earlier to sleep to recover what we are going to lose and thus get up with the new schedule. In this way we will start the day on Sunday with the usual hours and we will start doing everything as usual in the usual way. The difficulty in this is to force the body to sleep an hour before, but it is necessary that we do it, because it is the habit that we must acquire in order to get used to it as soon as possible.

Avoid naps during Sunday

Another thing we should not do is nap . Sundays are days that lend themselves to it and many of us do it. But precisely the day when the time changes is better not to do so at the time of falling asleep at night will cost much more sleep. It is better to go to sleep tired and thus start to adapt fully to the new schedule.

Out stimulating substances that make us nervous

Avoid stimulating substances such as coffee, tea, caffeinated soft drinks, alcohol … These substances can help to cause sleep disorders that are very common with the change of time. The best thing during this day is to resort to relaxing substances such as infusions that help us fall asleep and feel calm.

Take care of meal times

Food is also another thing that resists us and that can be affected at this time. The schedules of the meals change, so if the hunger arrives to us before we must endure to adapt to the new schedule to get the rhythm again. The best thing to avoid hunger is having a good breakfast on Sunday . In this way we will charge batteries and we will have more energy to face the day. In this way we can endure to eat at the usual hours.

Use anti-stress foods

Consuming anti-stress foods is very important in the first days. The change of schedule causes us to generate cortisol, which leads us to develop stress boxes. Therefore we must contribute with food to feel more relaxed. Some foods that we recommend are bananas, avocado, wheat germ, nuts. In addition, it is best not to eat too fatty or difficult to digest during this day to better sleep, as we facilitate digestion and therefore rest.

Dine lightly

At the time of going to sleep it is important that we make a light cessation that helps us to lie down with the digestion already done. As we have commented before, the digestive processes cause that we do not rest in the suitable way and that it costs us to conciliate the dream. For this reason it is better to have a soft dinner and at least two hours before going to bed.

The infusions can help us

To help us we recommend the intake of relaxing drinks as infusions. We mentioned it before, but it is important to keep in mind the types that will help us. The chamomile, the pennyroyal mint, relaxing herbal teas, the rooibos … are some of those that will help us to be calmer, with good digestion, and consequently improve our rest and recover the habitual rhythms without suffering disorder.

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