Pole dance, get fit on a bar

For some time now it has become very fashionable to go to pole dance classes. Years ago this activity was only subscribed to the movies in which dancing strippers appeared, but nowadays more and more people have started to practice this activity. In fact, more and more gyms are offering it among their program of activities. Therefore, in this post we want to stop at the benefits that it brings us, both physically and mentally.

For the development of this activity we will simply need our body and a bar placed vertically. The difficulty of this activity is that the bar is an unstable point of support that makes our body through force, which endures all the stress of the exercise. But not only this happens, because with something that seems very simple we put our whole body to work at the muscular level. Therefore, it is necessary to review the pole dance.

The pole forces us to do an important job of strength

In the first place we are going to stop in the physical performance that implies the work in pole position. As we said, the development of the force is high, since the point of support is simply a bar. Therefore we will put to work all the muscles of the body. On the bar what we do will be to adopt postures and movements that involve strength exercises, body control, flexibility, stretching … This gives it a feature of complete activity that can help us stay in shape while we have fun.

A complete cardio exercise

Performing pole dance as a regular exercise will help us improve blood circulation in the first place , since it represents a very complete cardio exercise. This will make it a good way to activate the metabolism and thus increase the burning of calories, little by little getting a good weight loss. All this will help us eliminate toxins from the body, in addition to achieving a perfect body toning, since the work to be done with all muscle groups is complete.

An activity for all audiences

Precisely this muscular requirement that demands us the work in bar will do that at the beginning, if we do not have a muscular base, we can not almost perform surprising or more elaborate exercises. But that is not a problem, because in this discipline you can perform any kind of routine adapted to all ages and physical forms . The good thing about pole work is that there is no limit, since creativity and the possibilities of the body are the only limits. For this reason, as we continue practicing and gaining strength we will increase the difficulty and spectacular of the movements.

Psychological benefits of pole dance

From the psychological point of view, the practice of pole dance has many benefits. The first is that it is a fun activity that can make many people who do not practice sports become familiar with the sport while enjoying. To this we must add the release of endorphins, which like all sport makes us feel more happy and relaxed after their practice.

More creativity and control of the body

It is an activity that also encourages creativity and body control. Creativity we will work because of the freedom that gives us to move on the bar, express ourselves with our body and develop new movements that allow us to better know our body and its possibilities. At the level of psychometric is one of the best ways to control all parts of the body in a medium and in a position that is not usual and for which we must perform a greater force performance. Therefore it is advisable that we consider their practice if we want to have fun while we work our body.

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