If you have fallen ill with the flu, these tips can facilitate recovery

Although it is always best to prevent colds and flu , we know that viruses find their best moment of action in these months therefore, you may have already caught one of them. If you have fallen ill with the flu, these tips can facilitate recovery :

Five keys to reduce the duration and severity of symptoms

The important thing is to alleviate discomfort that can cause the flu once the virus has already infected us, and also reduce the time they become present in order to leave as soon as possible the set of symptoms that the disease causes.

Thus, the following five tips can facilitate your recovery:

  • Consume vitamin C , because although it does not serve to prevent colds and flu , in high amounts (more than 1 gram daily) scientists from Utah showed that it can reduce the symptoms of these diseases by 85%. Consuming at least one citrus a day and other foods rich in vitamin C can be of great help to promote the recovery of flu and colds.
  • Drink enough water to keep the body hydrated and relieve nasal congestion, since proper hydration helps “wash” the airways and eliminate the mucus present in them. Remember that we can drink water as such, infusions, other liquids or well, foods or preparations rich in water .
  • Include garlic in the usual diet , because although its consumption has not been shown to reduce the incidence of flu and colds, a study published in Clinical Nutrition concluded that compounds present in garlic act on the defense system reducing the severity, symptoms and the duration of such frequent illnesses in winter. The advisable thing is that when consuming garlic, in whatever form, we do it by crushing it or previously pricking it to activate beneficial compounds such as allicin.
  • Supplement the diet with brewer’s yeast that according to American scientists , considerably reduces the symptoms and the duration of flu and colds, perhaps due to its great nutritional wealth and, above all, to offer minerals and elements that intervene in the system of defenses of the organism.
  • Consume echinacea tea which, as research published in 2004 points out , can help reduce flu symptoms and eliminate them in a shorter period than the traditional five or more days until the virus causing the infection is eliminated.

These five tips put into practice can help you to relieve the symptoms of flu and colds and promote the recovery of them along with a healthy lifestyle that helps us to strengthen defenses and recover from the stress that implies for the organism to be sick.

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