How to train in the gym: Routine for the challenge of running 5 kilometers

We are in full swing with the new challenge in which we aim to achieve our first 5 kilometers together and for this, not only is it important to know how to train and know what to eat, but it would be interesting to know how to train in the gym, in such a way that We will help you to successfully overcome this challenge.

You already know that you can follow this challenge in Facebook and Instagram, where day by day we will be hanging the training, but if you have any doubts about this weight training, you can leave your comments in the article itself or social networks, we will be happy to To answer your doubts.

How to train in the gym Routine for the challenge of running 5 kilometersIf you have any doubt about the challenge, you can find everything related to it in the explanatory article of week 0.

Fullbody routine

One day a week we are going to put in a muscle strengthening routine (anaerobic exercise) in order to improve our race performance. It is necessary to take into account that the work of loads (although in this case starts without any accessory and with our own weight) is very important to improve in the running.

We have selected a simple routine fullbody type to support our training, which should be done one of the days of rest marked in the week.

The routine itself does not have much mystery, we will warm up with a couple of minutes of moderate jogging (a medium pace), then we will perform the indicated exercises and at the end we will do a jog at a moderate low pace to return to calm.

Routine guidelines

As we are starting in the world of running and our goal is to finish 5 kilometers in a row, surely we do not know how to read a routine of weights, so let’s give some little guidelines to understand it …

  • Series: Indicates the number of series that we must perform the indicated exercise.
  • Repes: Each of the series has a number of repetitions that we must perform this exercise. In case of having a single number it will indicate that they are always the same number of repetitions, if it has several numbers each one will correspond to the sequential series that is made, for example, 15-12-10, indicates 15 repetitions for the first series, 12 Repetitions for the second series and 10 repetitions for the third.
  • Rest: It is the time to rest between series and series of the same exercise. When we change of exercise we must rest between 2 and 3 minutes.

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