How to avoid the effects of shellfish allergy

The seafood is one of the foods that produce allergies. Within this category, crustaceans are causing the most problems, so we give some tips on how to avoid the effects of shellfish allergy.

Being allergic to shellfish involves not also be allergic to fish. The worst of this allergy is that usually occurs in adulthood, which we will have already tasted plenty of these foods and we will have to avoid, because it usually lasts a lifetime. Usually, allergy occurs once we have consumed seafood, although it is not impossible to occur to touch or smell it.

How to avoid the effects of shellfish allergySymptoms of an allergic reaction to seafood not far from those that might occur with any other allergies. They usually appear between five minutes and two hours after eating, but sometimes can spend much more time. The possibility arises hives, swelling, especially in throat, tongue and face; hives and difficulty breathing.

We must block the reaction as soon as possible so that we avoid an anaphylactic crisis, which is a very severe manifestation, which affects the whole body and can lead to death affected.

Tips to avoid the effects of shellfish allergy

What precautions can we have? We present some of them:

-Checking: The prepared foods may contain traces of some kind of seafood. So we must make sure and check the labels of what we buy.

-Oils: When cooking we must be careful not to use the same oil in which fried seafood for other products there. The mistake will lead to allergic to suffer a reaction.

-Handling At home: We must control the handling of seafood at home so if you only perceive their presence can cause us allergy. It is not very common, but can occur.

-Restaurants: It seems obvious, but we have to avoid restaurants specializing in seafood. There will be much easier to have an allergic reaction to the end of the day, we are surrounded. Any element there may be a risk factor.

– Friends and relatives should be fully aware of the type of allergy you have and know where to keep or even themselves take a shot of adrenaline.

-Advertencies: Although our doctor knows we should not miss the opportunity to remind that we are allergic to shellfish. And whenever we go to put a vaccine or injection of any kind also we will discuss it.

-Sheet Identification: It is recommended that portends a sheet that indicate the type of allergy and blood type.

What do you think these precautions to prevent the effects of shellfish allergy?

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