HIIT training at home: So you can get fit in a short time and in your living room

Undoubtedly, the main advantage of HIIT training is the reduction of the time necessary to execute our routine, something very useful if we have little time due to our daily obligations (work, friendships, family …). With these trainings we can perform sessions of 20-30 minutes very complete in which to work our entire body .

But they are not routines and exercises that we have to perform necessarily in a gym. At home, with the help of simply a chair, we can structure a full-body routine to make a HIIT circuit without having to go to the gym (with the consequent saving of time and, above all, money).

What are HIIT workouts?

They are a training method that combines strength work and cardiovascular conditioning in training sessions through high intensity exercises. These sessions are characterized, in addition to their intensity, by being training sessions that require considerably less time than conventional training and, as we will see in this case, we will hardly need material to train from our house.

The keys to perform a good high intensity training will be the intensity that we apply to the exercises and breaks (which are usually short periods of time, just enough to recover a little air).

  • Intensity : are trainings in which we can not laze and loiter, because then they will not be useful at all. We have to give everything for the duration of the session and recover the best we can when we touch the breaks. At first do not worry if you end up dead, because the goal is to prepare your cardiovascular system so that little by little it is able to endure these workouts.
  • Breaks : generally they are going to be short periods of time of between 20-40 seconds, in which the objective is to try to lower the pulsations to recover before continuing working. If at first these sessions are very hard, slightly increase the breaks until you are able to hold the session with the times marked.

HIIT Tabata method

It was created by the Japanese Izumi Tabata , and its structure consists of eight cycles in which you work for 20 seconds and rest ten . It can be done by exercises without material, with material, in cardiovascular exercise machines …

Little-Gibala method

Created by Drs. Jonathan Little and Martin Gibala of McMasters University.

They are cycles of 60 seconds of intense activity and 75 seconds of low intensity activity (twice less intense). In total they must run from eight to twelve cycles and, originally, the idea was to make them on a static bicycle. We can also do it on a rowing machine, a treadmill, an elliptical, through exercises without material at home …

Method of the hundred meters

This variant of the conventional hiit consists of performing sprints of one hundred meters at maximum intensity followed by a rest period that is usually, generally, the time it takes to return walking to the starting line. Since it is a demanding method, it is required to have a good physical form of departure to be able to use it. Not suitable for beginners . Perform ten series is already considered a highly demanding training.

This is how HIIT training benefits you

Much has been written and talked about the advantages and benefits of HIIT training , and if we had to summarize them all, we could say that it is a training system that requires little time, little or no material and that provides an improvement of strength and our cardiovascular system .

If what you are looking for is a way to train and keep fit without leaving home(either because you do not like gyms or because you do not have time to travel with these), with these exercises you will end your excuses.

  • One of the great benefits provided by HIIT training is the so-called EPOC effect(post-exercise oxygen consumption) and that it can last up to 72 hours. Without a doubt, this is one of the great advantages over conventional cardiovascular training.
  • With regard to physical conditioning , when using HIIT sessions of high intensity we will work much more musculature than with a conventional exercise so, by mobilizing more muscle mass, we will increase the fat burning (which already with the effect COPD will be increased once we finish our session, for a period of up to 72 hours).
  • Thanks to the amount of exercises that we can introduce in these trainings, we ensure variety in our training and, in certain, we can even make them fun. For example, in certain HIIT training methods we can do competitions if we train with a friend.
  • This method joins the work of strength and cardiovascular in the same session, so we will not need to do a training for strength and then another to do cardiovascular work separately.

HIIT home training circuit without material

In this section we will propose three different routines to work your body at home without any equipment (in some cases we will need a chair as an element of work) and that will help you get fit in a short time and in a very complete way.

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