Food and cellulite, is it possible to get rid of it with a better diet?

At the time of fighting against cellulite not only cosmetic treatments can be helpful, but between food and cellulite there is a close link and for this, we tell you how we can get rid of this condition with a better diet .

What is cellulite and why does it appear?

Cellulitis is a disorder that affects the skin and the tissues closest to it that is characterized by the accumulation of adipose tissue. It manifests with the classic ” skin of orange ” or with lumps and holes in the affected areas , being the most frequent, hips, thighs and buttocks, although they can also be arms and abdomen in more serious cases.

There are different degrees of cellulite depending on how much orange peelis observed : it is grade 1 if it only occurs when compressing tissues or skin, while it is grade 4 if it is observed standing, lying and even uncompressed tissues.

The women are the most affected and most of them (about 80%) it has cellulite, being more common in Caucasians. It is not associated with the presence of overweight, although it can be caused by genetic, inflammatory or vascular disorders in the shallowest layer of the skin or hypodermis.

Can our diet influence cellulite?

Since the origin is multifactorial and may even have an inaccurate cause, cellulite can not be cured by diet, but it can be greatly improved and reduced with a good diet accompanied by a healthy lifestyle.

One of its causes can be vascular problems, as well as sudden increases and decreases in weight, so in this sense the diet can be of great importance to prevent or reduce cellulite in our skin.

In fact, foods that favor the retention of liquids such as salt, alcohol or sugar in excess can promote the development of cellulite , while others that cause the opposite effect can help favoring, among other things, blood circulation.

Foods that help you improve cellulite

Among the different foods that we should consider in our diet to improve cellulite or prevent its presence we find:

  • Water : it is key for the body to maintain a good general metabolism but above all, to avoid or reverse the retention of fluid that can cause vascular problems and also be the direct cause of cellulite. To encourage their consumption, we should not only drink more but we can also make use of water-rich preparations such as vegetable soups , creams or stews with various vegetables , among other dishes that favor hydration .
  • Fruits and vegetables : are foods rich in water, low in sodium by nature and high in potassium , all of which is favorable for good blood circulation . In addition, they offer vitamins with antioxidant effect that at the cellular level can reduce stress and this, be helpful to prevent among other things alterations in the hypodermis that can cause cellulite. Thus, it is key to consume a minimum of five daily servings of fruits and vegetables with preparations such as salads , tortillas , skewers and many others .
  • Ginger : is a food with valuable properties , among which its high content of potassium and its anti-inflammatory effect in the body that can be of great help to reduce cellulite. In addition, it can have a diuretic effect and help prevent fluid retention . We can include ginger as a condiment for different dishes such as a cream or noodles or make a ginger tea by infusing this root in boiling water.
  • Blue fish : is rich in omega 3 , a type of good fats for the body that among other things has an anti-inflammatory effect and promotes blood circulation , which is why its consumption is adequate to prevent or improve cellulite. We can consume blue fish baked in pies , salads or salted cakes .
  • Nuts and seeds : are rich in vitamin E and good fats for the body that have different cosmetic effects acting as an antioxidant and promote blood circulation. For this reason, its consumption can also help against cellulite and we can add these ingredients to the diet through homemade crackers , breakfasts , or mueslis .

These are some foods that can help against cellulite but their intake should be within the framework of a healthy lifestyle, that is, accompanied by a balanced diet, regular exercise and no toxic habits to say goodbye to this skin disorder that so often it becomes present.

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