Five planning mistakes we almost never take into account

Although we are constantly giving advice on how we should train in the best possible way to achieve the best results, we are still making many mistakes. We in this post we want to stop in 5 of the most common that we usually do daily in the training rooms in countless occasions and exercises.

We constantly see how around us mistakes are made when training any muscle group. One of the most common is usually the use of too much load. It is true that on previous occasions we have talked about this subject, but we are going to focus more on the execution than on the equipment. But we wanted to emphasize this point, since most mistakes are a clear derivation of the excess load, which is what causes us to do all the wrong exercise.

Five planning mistakes we almost never take into accountKnowing how to choose muscle groups to train well

First we are going to stop in some mistakes when choosing the muscle groups that we are going to train. It is true that it seems silly and that any day can be good to work any group, but we always recommend not work on the same day exercises involved in the work of others. For example, if we train pectoral we will work indirectly the triceps, and for that reason we do not recommend to work the triceps in the same day. In contrast the antagonistic ones we can mix them, just as we can mix a big muscle with a small one that is not antagonistic.

One order that we could follow when it comes to training is, if we go to work daily we can start with pectoral or dorsal in one day, continue with dorsal or pectoral in the next, Wednesday could be for the leg. For Thursday we can leave the shoulder and for Friday the biceps and triceps. If, on the other hand, we are only going to train for three days, we can work the first day on pectoral and biceps, the second day and triceps, and the third we can make a circuit in which we work shoulder and leg together. It is simply an example of organization to keep us trained and in top form.

Good time to perform aerobic exercise

The aerobic exercise should be present in our routines. But a mistake is usually to do it before training with weights. It is a mistake because with aerobic exercise we will consume the reserves of Glycogen that are the ones that give us the immediate energy needed to perform the weight lifting exercise, because it requires explosive energy to lift the load. On the other hand, the race does not need that immediate energy, since it is an activity of lesser intensity and more elongated in time. It is therefore best to perform this activity after working with weights to achieve better results.

Concentration in the muscle group worked to avoid execution errors

Once the routine is organized, it must be remembered that if we work in a conventional way and train a muscle group, it is this group in which we must stop. It is therefore important that we concentrate on the part worked and avoid the involvement of other areas. This is basically because we use a high load that forces us to bend our backs, to lean for the side we should not, to adopt forced positions that we will be more comfortable, but which at the moment of truth are not what we should do.

Therefore , to avoid this happening, the ideal is to concentrate to the maximum in the movement and in the muscular group that we must work. For this we recommend the choice of exercises that perfectly isolate the group that we are going to work, as well as how important it is to repair the part worked to concentrate and perform much better the muscle or muscles worked.

Stop working by abdominals, legs and lumbar system

One mistake that for many is a routine is not working the abdominal wall, the legs or the lumbar. To start, the lumbars and abdominals will have a stronger core and with it, because it is a point of strength of the body, we can get better results when working the rest of our body. The same thing happens with the legs, since to work them will make that we balance ourselves while it will give us more general force in all the body because of the strength of this part that we will be used in infinity of activities.

Lack of knowledge of exercises and planning

A very common execution error that we see on a daily basis in training rooms is the lack of planning and control of the exercises that are carried out. For many people to train is to arrive and do the first thing that comes to mind. This should not happen at all. The most appropriate is to perform a schedule or previous planning with exercises that work the same muscle group from different angles with different techniques, different grips, different devices or dead weights …

It is important to keep in mind this planning, as well as knowing which exercises are best suited to our needs and physical condition. Therefore at the beginning it is fundamental the help of a professional who guides us in the knowledge of the different techniques of training. As an important help we recommend to use a training diary where we will mark the exercises performed, the repetitions and the loads used, to take a perfect control of everything that we are doing and thus achieve better goals and goal setting.

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