Five habits that prevent us from losing all those extra pounds

With the arrival of good weather to almost all we have the hurry to lose those extra kilos that we have been winning in winter. There are many people who resort to exercise and improve their diet to reduce their body weight, but often nothing is achieved with it. In most cases the problem is the acquired habits we have that are not as healthy as we think. Therefore in this post we will stop in five of the most common that prevent us from losing those extra kilos.

Surely hundreds of times we have complained about how it can be possible that if we eat properly and practice sports we can not lose those extra pounds that we have left over. The truth that sometimes seems illogical, but everything has its reasons. We in this occasion we want to stop in some habits that we do without thinking and we repeat every day and that are the guilty of which we do not manage to lose those kilos of more.

The pending subject of breakfast

First of all we continue to suspend at breakfast. There are two behaviors, the first is to have nothing breakfast and leave the house with a coffee or any infusion. In we have always defended to make a strong breakfast in which proteins and hydrates should not be missing, as well as fruits. Breakfast is important because it is the first meal of the day and will help us to make the metabolism activate and increase glucose reserves after a whole night without eating. This simple gesture will help us to regulate the hunger that we are going to have throughout the day and, without wanting it, we will promote a higher caloric intake by activating the metabolism.

The problem of meals between meals

Surely we are usually careful with what we eat at the main hours of the day. The problem is between the hours that separate those meals. As we have always said, it is necessary that we make 5 meals, this includes a lunch before lunch and a snack before dinner. The problem is that most of us do not plan these meals and we put anything in our mouths, as if that did not count as food. It is necessary that we acquire a habit in regard to lunch and snack, we must include it in our food routine and it is necessary to choose healthy foods. In this way we avoid the intake of caloric foods that at the moment of truth stop us in our purpose.

We must pay attention to what we drink

The drinks are another point in which we never repair and that at the moment of truth they are very important in achieving results. Drinks such as sugary sodas, packaged juices and with added sugars, alcoholic beverages … will provide us with very high amounts of refined sugars that put our line into play. Therefore it is necessary that we are much more selective when choosing what we drink. The best choice and the least caloric is water, of course.

Beware of the abuse of refined flours

The abuse of refined flours is another point that we must take into account and what we do not repair. It is much better to opt for pasta, bread, rice and other hydrates of integral origin. It is necessary to control the quantities because we can not abuse, and when we consume it, it must always be integral. Whole grains release complex carbohydrates that the body assimilates slowly and thus avoid accumulation in the form of fat. The trick is that by releasing little by little, our body will use that glucose to generate energy. If we give it in small doses and consistently we will be able to take advantage of it better.

Healthy fats are not our enemies

Of course an error that we can not forget is the total elimination of fats when dieting. It is a brutal mistake, because the body needs fats to function properly and optimize its use by the body. Of course, the sources of fatty acids should be as healthy as possible. It is necessary to include in the diet of weight loss unsaturated or polyunsaturated fats from sources such as blue fish, avocado, olive oil, olives, nuts … We must flee at all costs from hydrogenated fats, trans … Normally They are found in industrial and processed products that is best discarded from the diet.

It really is about simple steps that we must take and take into account when it comes to getting the right weight and finally see a real result and an answer to our efforts. It is no use just taking care of the main meals if we do not take into account the small details that can ruin everything we are doing.

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