Failed muscular, yes or no?

Today I speak of a deeply rooted concept for many years in the world of fitness, muscle failure,whether I do it or not.

The muscle failure has been used throughout life as one of the best techniques but the best, to give strength to weight training, directly looking for an evolution in the muscles that performs either aesthetic or potential, but you must do it or not?

Failed muscular, yes or noMuscle Failure

The muscle failure is the incapacity of the muscle that is being exercised to continue to generate the voltage required to overcome the resistance that puts the burden, resulting in the weakest angle of the positive phase of repetition, ie, when repetition in which we can go no further.

Most people who train to muscle failure does not really come to that judgment, because to do this must be involved to the maximum in each repetition of the actual series. Many people come to a technical failure and never get to actually cause muscle failure.

The theory is that muscle failure ensures that you are training at the right intensity, and you have given your body enough to improve stimulation. It is easy to know if you’ve reached muscle failure, if you are not sure if you come to him you have not arrived .

Some professionals say that you have to get to failure in all series, others only in the latest series of exercise, even lately, some say it is an outdated technique and reach muscle failure is not necessary.

My humble opinion

To my muscle failure is the best way to ensure an intensity in many series also must recognize that most people who train to muscle failure actually do not, the first time you reach muscle failure you realize of all previous time had not come to him.

Certainly for hypertrophy is one of the best ways to progress always that good planning is made, are not penalized in the art and are performed safely not to cause injury.

For strength I think that whenever the 1RM is done we will inevitably reach muscle failure, but not strictly necessary to see progress in muscle power, but it itself is a good technique on many occasions.

The key to its use, as always, is to create a routine very well planned training, which is perfectly periodic all the macrocycle with periods of high intensity, partial strength, active recovery, metabolic blocks, etc, all with and without failure muscle, that always go to failure is what really is obsolete, but not the use of muscle failure to evolve.

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