Exercise is as simple as taking the stairs

The exercise should not be something that escapes from your daily routine. If you lack the time or motivation, perhaps knowing that something as simple as taking the stairs makes a difference in your health, you may anime. Read this article on the subject…

Claudia and her co-workers complain that they have no time for exercise during the week: they blame the time they have to spend in their office, with this schedule; they say it is not possible. But for all, exercise is important for staying healthy and in good spirits, so one day, tired of a sedentary lifestyle, a form of exercise during working hours: every day, at lunchtime, climbing stairs that lead to her office on the 14th floor.

Exercise is as simple as taking the stairs
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But not only do them at noon. Claudia also decided to start her workday up the stairs in the morning and many of her friends followed. Other co-workers look as though the “freaks” to leave but they say that they feel very well and are planning to climb to the 20th floor during their lunch hour.

The truth is that climbing stairs is an excellent exercise that brings many benefits to your health. However, you do not have to climb many floors to enjoy the benefits of climbing. If there is no 20-story building at your fingertips do not worry! There are several scientific studies that say that climbing stairs, no matter how, helps to increase aerobic capacity and reduce cholesterol levels.

Moreover, taking the stairs is a great way to keep the muscles of the buttocks and legs, toned, in shape.

In gyms, machines that simulate the stairs are increasingly popular. Besides the cardiovascular benefits, these machines called steppers, offer resistance to yourself / a can graduate to tone your leg muscles every time you push a pedal that simulates a step. It is a comprehensive exercise: combines cardio activity with strength training and muscle also is a low impact on your joints. Another advantage is that it is an exercise that can be done at any age.

Dr. Harvey Simon, professor at the Faculty of Medicine at Harvard University, told the New York Times that some research in Canada found that climbing stairs is a more demanding than walking on a flat surface while exercising, lifting weights. In addition, Canadian researchers said that depending on the weight, a person can burn up to 300 calories in 30 minutes.

So if you are still looking for the ideal exercise for you, how about if you start to climb stairs? It will bring all the benefits of a complete physical activity and you can do it wherever there stairs. And if what you like is to go to the gym and use the machines, remember that the climber or stair machines are excellent allies for you to keep in shape.

Follow the example of Claudia and her co-workers: it can no longer make excuses for exercise and enjoy a healthier life.

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