Cosmetic uses of body oils

Many cosmetic uses of body oils, if we get used to our bodies daily we use to enjoy all their properties.

Natural body oils

Body oils are one of the unknown pleasures of daily body care, valid for the whole family, from newborn babies to the grandmother. I speak of vegetable oils that can be used pure or combined with the essential from plants. In the latter case also we potentiate the moisturizing and protective properties of these oils with specific flowers, seeds or bark with mixing.

You have to use after showering with skin still wet, spread well and let dry while enjoying wrapped in a towel or bathrobe. If you go for any of the oils that give off aroma, pleasure and multiply beneficial effect.

The key also can be used to massage pure, for flavoring a bathroom with only a few drops, or mixed with body butters.

Almond oil

It is one of the natural oils used and demanded the body. You can find even in health food shops and supermarkets without a problem. It can be used alone or combined with an essential oil.

It helps preserve the youth of the upper layers of the epidermis preventing, while flaking. It is effective in allergy processes, moisturizes and firms the skin.

Argan oil

Until a few years ago it was considered exotic and hard to find. Only it is grown in a remote region of North Africa, including Morocco and Algeria, which has been declared World Biosphere.

With argan seeds also made soaps and ointments. The oil leaves the skin soft, smooth and youthful. Combat deep wrinkles, wear caused by extreme weather conditions (wind, cold or sun) and even by some adequate living conditions (nightlife, snuff, alcohol or malnutrition).It serves for burns and contractures.

The real is biological, nature friendly, sustainable and employs local workers with fair wages.

Jojoba oil and avocado

The jojaba is extracted by cold pressing of the seeds of the homonymous tree. Originally from America, it is also used for removing makeup and hair. It is one of the best natural body oils and grease that keeps and balances all skin types, from the driest to the acne sufferers.

The avocado is much thicker and nutritious, as the fruit from which it is rich in vitamin E and therefore suitable for extremely devitalized skins.

Essential and scented oils

Such products, exceptions, rarely used in pure form in cosmetic treatments and they are usually combined with other base oils (avocado, sunflower, wheat germ, almond …) to achieve the desired effect. Without wishing to give an exhaustive list the most common (I also put the ones I like) are the following:

  • Rosehip, a classic, with regenerative properties, is suitable for very dry skin, spoiled, mature or deep wrinkles.It helps healing of wounds. In this case you can use pure.
  • Calendula, common in the bathroom of children, infants and people with allergy problems.Calm, nourishes, softens and removes irritation.
  • Arnica necessary for athletes or when it has made strenuous exercise.It also serves for bruises, bumps and repair phlebitis.
  • Granada, with its delicious smell antioxidants and anti-aging effects come together.
  • Birch, indispensable for anti-cellulite massage for their anti-inflammatory and diuretic, tonic.
  • Lavender, another classic bath is relaxing and combat stress.It is suitable for infants, children and adults with nervous anxiety problems.
  • Evening primrose, an ally of menopausal women, is valid for devitalized, dry or acne skin bactericidal action.

And the best part is that you can use more than one, two or three, according to your needs or mood. Natural body oils are not only a treat for the senses, moreover, are more effective than most body creams on the market, topically no contraindications.

As we see there are many uses of cosmetics and body oils so varied that surely find the most suitable for your skin type.

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