Abdominal core plates – varying the inclination

In this on core, we have moved to eliminate support as we did in the previous alternative, to a simpler option for beginners. It is plates varying the inclination abdominal core.

This progression is simple, as when using a short lever, i.e. with the support of knees, the necessary strength to maintain spinal stability through static contraction of the core, it is easier in intensity, and requires less effort.

Abdominal core plates - varying the inclinationAbdominal core plates (short lever)

1) Support hands inclined

2) Support forearms inclined

3) Support raising hands knees

4) Support forearms declined

5) hands horizontal support

6) Horizontal forearms Support

How to train the core?

The frequency of training will reach 2-3 days / week. It is a muscle group more, no need fatiguing daily.

The sessions will last between 10 and 20 minutes.

Basic exercises in static (isometric) the duration of each repetition is 30 “to 60”. 30 “for beginners, 45” and 60 means “in advanced.

Pauses last a maximum of 30 “or less.

And with back pain?

Another option is usable McGill (2000 and 2008) method , especially when there are back problems. Core exercises do not last more than 8-10″ for muscular fatigue, with brief micropauses between 2-3 repetitions”.

Dr. Stuart McGill as advised as strength-endurance test a maximum of 2 minutes, this gives between 12-15 repetitions maximum (my professional and personal experience confirms me in pain / lumbar pathology this is the recommended method).

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