A good purpose for this new course: Start the day with exercise

Are you looking for a good healthy purpose to implement this course? Starting the day with a little physical exercise can help you get energized early in the morning and it does not have to take you more than 15 minutes. We tell you what you can do if you get up a quarter of an hour early to get your body moving.

Mobilize when you get out of bed

How many of you get out of bed half the days as if a train had passed over you? Sleeping in a bad position, although many times we are not aware of it, can generate back pain and neck when we get out of bed and the resulting bad mood that generates us throughout the day.

Starting the day with a general mobilization of our joints in ten or fifteen minutes can make the difference when it comes to finding you better throughout the day. In this article we show you ten simple exercises that you can use to improve your mobility: they will help you mobilize the spine, the hips, the shoulders and activate your central area.

Greet the sun early in the morning

After spending about eight hours sleeping (remember that rest is one of the three vertices of the fitness triangle, and just as important as training and diet) you may get out of bed a little numb. The greeting to the sun is a sequence of Yoga ideal to perform early in the morning and thus awaken our body.

If you are one of those who sleep an eight (we have already talked about what are the best and worst sleeping positions), your back will infinitely appreciate that you spend a few minutes in the morning to perform the sun salutation: a series of postures of Yoga in which the extensions and the push-ups alternate .

In this article you can see in detail how to make this sequence. You can repeat it three to five times in a row after having mobilized your joints to get the most out of it.

Start the day with exercises with your body weight

If you are a morning person and do not feel too lazy to train early in the morning, you can start the day with a small workout routine with your own body weight . It is not necessary to use accessories if you do not want to, or you will need a lot of space: you can simply use your own weight and a mat to get in shape from the first hour of the day.

Begin, as before, with a few minutes to mobilize your joints to get better after getting out of bed, and then choose basic exercises that help you start up your whole body. A small circuit with variations of squats, push-ups, strides and abdominal plank will fill you with energy to face the workday.

A regenerative shower and a tasty breakfast ( if your option is to have breakfast ) complete these simple but effective routines that will make you carry the day with more energy. Do you dare to get in shape from early in the morning?

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