5 training applications for beginners and not so beginners

The return to routine is already a fact and September is the month that most of us choose when to get down to work on what to take care of our body is concerned. Many people choose this date to begin a change in lifestyle. Training the body is one of them. So in this post we want to focus on five of the best and most complete applications for all we started again the routine or for beginners who need extra help.

5 training applications for beginners and not so beginnersAll in one fitness

Let’s begin with an application of great help for people starting or who already have some experience, and that will serve as a support and a training log. It is the application All in One Fitness. This tool is easy to use and has more than 1,200 different exercises divided between the different muscle groups that make up the body. It is remarkable the explanatory of the videos and schemes of each of the exercises that serve for the people who begin to train and do not know for sure how to correctly perform an exercise.

But we must not forget that in this application we can make tables and follow a daily training that will help us control the loads we use, the sets, reps, different tables that are taking place … At the end of the day is A perfect journal of training that will help us controllable routines. So it is not only an application for beginners, but over time it will become a perfect ally. It can be achieved for IOS and Android.

Home Exercises

Another application in which we must fix if we start training at home is known as home exercises. It is a very simple application that is totally focused to starting at this workouts and they are looking to maintain a perfect tone without leaving home. It also focuses on those people who do not have too much time to train and who want fast routines that allow them to maintain their weight.

The mechanics of this application is very simple, since it is aimed at all kinds of people . So it shows us simple exercises that we can perform with our body. Not using elements is one of its maxims, because the application ensures that we can get the best results simply by spending about 30 minutes a day to work our muscles at home.

7-minute training

For those who walk more bundled time and just have to train it will highlight the application known as Training 7 minutes . It is a high intensity training that seeks to achieve visible results in a short time. For this, what is presented to us is a training consisting of 13 exercises. Each of the exercises should be done in 30 seconds and we have 10 seconds to rest between exercises.

The highlight of the application is its schedule to control workout days and routines . The work is divided by blocks, depending on the part of the body that we are going to work. One point against it is that it does not have videos, but simply drawings that illustrate. In its default link to Youtube videos in which we can see the correct development of the exercise. That is why, and because of the speed of training, it is not an application too advisable for beginners who do not control their body yet or different exercises.

Adidas Train & Run

For lovers there are many applications running, but this time we want to highlight Adidas Train & Run. It is a complete application that will serve to motivate us in achieving better goals and achieve more productive workouts. Remarkable is that the application turns the mobile into a coach in real time. For that, what it does is throw us comments focused on improving our workouts.

In terms of design is one of the most worked on the market, as it contains an intuitive and simple interface. We will record our routes, the development of the trainings. The application allows us to program different routines depending on what we want to achieve and the goals that we will find with the race. In addition, it will help us adapt all training to our physical form, habits … It is one of the best allies to go running, both beginners and veterans, as well as motivate us to get up from the couch to run.

Total Fitness

In this review we could not forget a classic that surely many already use. This is known as Total Fitness. This application is highly recommended for both beginners and most senior people. Above all it is necessary to emphasize the simple and easy distribution of the exercises by muscular groups. This will help us a lot in establishing a training routine. Do not forget that the program itself gives us the alternative of creating training tables to go varying as time passes.

Especially noteworthy is its simplicity in explaining each exercise, which also illustrates mostly with video . Along with this the application offers us a series of nutritional advice that will help us to achieve better results when it comes to training. This is why it is an application that is present in many user devices. First of all its simplicity and usability is what makes it a perfect training partner.

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