10 ways in which exercise can improve your life radically

We usually associate exercise physical fitness, toned buttocks, harder, and all this is fine, but perhaps these reasons are not enough for you.

Today there are scientific studies claiming that exercise can improve not only the body but the brain, creating more neural connections, improving concentration and increasing intellectual capacity.

Make time to exercise is a challenge at times minimum with a maximum return on investment since it would suffice to activate the 30 minutes recommended by WHO to notice changes day. However, we do not. Process until our conscience does not allow us to continue inactive or worse until we have no choice but for our health.

10 ways in which exercise can improve your life radically

But hey, do not be alarmist and yes all “pros” you can have for your life get moving:

1. Mind-Body Connection

This concept can be very topical today but it is a mainstay of countless positive effects is derived. Do you feel connected to your body? I.e. do you practice body awareness when you’re working when you drive? Probably you feel rather prevent shutdowns. When we exercise we are practicing the so-called “vinyasa” or what is the same, working consciously with our body and discovering what suits us well through their signals. Mind and body begin to talk to each other and not to confront.

2. Discipline

Coaches and athletes repeated: “Feel the pain”. And the exercise is to improve and takes effort, suffering, and pain. Every day when you decide to train forces to avoid temptations and proposals that may be attractive and while your self-discipline and sense of increase. A healthy practice of discipline can help you overcome the most difficult obstacles of life positively and reveal your efforts rewarded handsomely.

3. Confidence

There is no doubt that exercise increases self-confidence gives us satisfaction and makes us feel good. The sense of accomplishment has an enhancing effect on humans. You feel stronger and are stronger. You feel more handsome and you’re more handsome! This feeling of self-confidence has shine by itself and is projected kilometers away.

4. More memory

A study to assess memory in women found that women who had run on the treadmill before testing were 20% better on memory tests than those who had not done so. These results are even linked to a healthy brain development of children. Today there are options such as dance, step, zumba, etc. required in memorizing sequences, this fact directly strengthening the executive capacity of the brain.

5. Creativity

We know that exercise makes your brain starts moving and, in turn, allows your creative juices flowing. Some of my most creative ideas have occurred to me while I was out of my workplace, running or biking. When you exercise and feel your strength emerge squeeze all your faculties, come to mind images possibilities, ideas, and solutions, the point is that then you have to pick on paper!

6. Anxiety Relief

A study presented at the American College of Sports Medicine recently showed how the exercise could improve the outlook of life. So reported the group 18-25 years who had an immediate change in their mood after riding a stationary bike for 20 minutes and remained until after 12 hours. I imagine that if this study had been outdoors the results would be even better. Yoga is also associated with the “Zen” concept or the right to live in the present. And the full presence and focus on the now facilitate the exercise.

7. Learning capacity

The hippocampus is an area of the brain closely associated with learning and memory. Studies have found that the hippocampus is especially responsive to the expansion or growth of neurons (neurogenesis) in response to endurance exercise. High-intensity training actually put in place neurogenesis. From twenty years most of us will lose about 1% of hippocampal volume annually. So cheer: get up and move!

8. Increased productivity

Exercise makes you more productive naturally. It is not easy to find the time and dedication to exercise 3 or 4 times a week, and combine all our obligations. But most people who start exercising begin to get up earlier or go to sleep sooner. The exercise forces you organize your day in a most efficient way, gives you a sense of control and can even become an early riser!

9. Autonomy

Are you the type of person who needs someone to start moving? There is nothing wrong with that unless you use it as an excuse for not doing sport. Having friends or coaches push you to exercise makes things easier, but there is something liberating about going out to play sports on your own. Once you feel comfortable with the idea of trying to do a particular exercise, your hour of movement will be a moment to feel totally independent and selfish. For me, it has become a sacred moment.

10. Happiness

The nine points I have mentioned so far along with getting a healthy body can increase your happiness and quality of life by 100%. Really!

They no longer put excuses and start making small improvements in your exercise habits, change your life dramatically!

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