10 Food tricks to gain muscle mass

A couple of months ago we took a list of the 10 tricks to burn fat that were very successful and that the vast majority of the seemed a good post, this time today we will create a very similar entry but with the 10 tricks food to gain muscle mass.Mainly the food tricks to gain muscle mass and the tricks to burn fat can be very similar since some guidelines that are recommended for the definition are valid for the volume, since although what changes the diet is the amount of carbohydrates.

Basically what we are going to do is expose some guidelines or tricks that normally must be followed to gain muscle mass, but keep in mind that almost always when you want to gain muscle the body also gains a few kilos of fat, more than anything because you have to ensure the best possible growth and the important thing is to catabolize the minimum:

The tricks or guidelines to keep in mind

    • Consume protein : in the muscular development it is important to take protein, at least 1gr per kilo of weight, although in intense training you should eat up to 2 gr per kilo of body weight, you need it to regenerate the muscular myofibrils broken in the training.
    • Consume hydrates : when someone wants to gain muscle you have to eat enough carbohydrates, recommending between 3 and 4 g of carbohydrates per kilo of body weight, you need to be charged with energy and able to perform intense and demanding workouts, in addition to recovering muscle more easily .
    • Consume fat : (unsaturated) in this case do not worry about removing all the fat since it is necessary to produce thermogenesis and metabolize adipose tissue, in addition to protecting the muscle from catabolizing and allowing us to train harder and more intensely.
    • Drink water : we will never tire of saying that you have to drink water before, during and after training, dehydration, however little, affects the athletic ability of the individual and the physique in general, plus the muscles are composed of more of 60% water.
    • Make several meals : choose to try to make between five and six meals a day, spaced two or three hours at most, so you will have the most stable glucose level and you will always have your muscles full of energy.
      The most important meal now is the post workout, if you want to increase your muscle size you should eat in the first 20 minutes after training a source of protein and carbohydrates, if it can be predigested for easy and rapid absorption
    • Take antioxidants : antioxidants help us in the deterioration of muscle cells, and specifically vitamins C and E that favor the anabolic process of recovery, regeneration and cell growth in muscles.
      You can supplement or eat oranges, lemons or tangerines (Vitamin C) and avocado and nuts (vitamin E).
    • Take sodium : although in definition sodium is an enemy because it retains liquids this is an essential mineral necessary to have a better absorption of nutrients, it is also a natural enhancer of the anabolic hormone insulin, and is lost by sweating in intense workouts.
      Increase your sodium intake by consuming sauces, canned foods and nutritional supplements.
    • Eat nuts : they are rich in proteins, fibers and healthy fats (the best nuts, almonds and sunflower seeds). They are very useful to use between meals or add them to a meal to improve the amount of protein.
      They are ideal before going to sleep since their content in fibers and in healthy fats helps to slow down the digestion, so that their amino acids stay longer in the body, helping to avoid the decomposition of the muscular mass during sleep.
    • Breakfast always oats : it is rich in proteins of high biological value, fats, minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, and vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and E. With good quantity of fibers that contribute to good intestinal functioning.
      If combined with proteins of animal origin such as skimmed milk will improve the anabolic results. Also recommended as pre-training food for its energizing function.
    • Eggs : egg whites are among the fastest-digesting protein sources, which makes them ideal for a meal before or after training; and the yolks are loaded with lecithin and healthy fats (and also saturated fats), but they are assimilated very slowly.The ideal thing about eggs is that besides they do not contain almost cooked carbohydrates they can be taken anywhere in an easy and clean way.

We did not want to talk about supplements that can be taken in muscle growthin which highlight protein shakes, creatine, BCAAs, zinc, chrome or even take a multivitamin, because with a good diet, being strict and disciplined you can achieve the same objectives.

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