The Chrome ad blocker is now available: How to activate it and what advertising you will not see

Almost a year ago, Google announced that it would integrate an ad blocker in its browser. Today is the indicated day and, by means of an update, the users of Google Chrome will be able to activate this option and avoid certain publicity while they sail.

One might think that it is somewhat ironic that Google is engaged in blocking advertising on the Internet when it generates so much money with this business. Through an entry in the blog of the company, make it clear that it is not a blocker like AdBlock (or similar), but a filter to prevent some pages abuse with a certain type of intrusive advertising.

Which ads will block Google Chrome

The Google Chrome update affects both desktop and mobile users. As we said, we should not confuse this functionality with AdBlock, since it will only affect those ads that do not meet the requirements of the ‘Better Ads Experience Program’.

In the post published by Google, they expose the 12 types of ads that will automatically block . As we see in the box below, you will not see more videos with automatic sound playback, they will end up with pop-ups, ads that cover the entire screen with a countdown, animated ads or the publicity that keeps appearing when you scroll .

It is striking that the rules are much stricter in the mobile version than in the desktop version. Once Google has identified one of these situations, they will display the following notice notifying that a block has been made:

Google will be responsible for evaluating each page and see how many standards meet , classifying them into three groups: Passing, Warning, or Failing. The first means that there are no problems and it has passed in analysis, the second one has a warning and the third one has suspended it.

Then they will inform the administrators about the changes they must makeand offer them the possibility of eliminating them. Those responsible for the page can access these evaluations in the Ad Experience Report API and request that their websites be evaluated.

How to turn on Chrome ad blocker

Once we have updated Google Chrome, if we want to activate the ad blocker we will simply have to run the browser and select Settings .

In the lower part of the Configuration menu we will find Advanced Configuration. We click and go down to the Privacy and Security section . There we will have to enter Content Configuration .

We go down to the Ads option and when we enter we will see the following menu:

As we see, you simply have to activate the button that says “Blocked in websites that tend to show invasive ads” (option that appears as “recommended”) and thus allow Chrome not to show you this type of advertising.

Regarding the mobile version , we must go to Settings> Site settings> Ads and uncheck the option. Although you do not have to touch anything since Chrome Beta 65 is also activated by default.

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