How to know which tabs or Chrome extensions are consuming more resources on your PC

For no one is it a secret that the most popular browser of today is also the one that seems most demanding with the resources of our computer. It has not been gratuitously that the Chrome logo swallowing RAM as a monster has become an easy-to-exploit meme.

However, Google continues to promise that future versions will consume fewer resources, and in fact Chrome 57 will already take a step forward to reduce battery consumption. Meanwhile users have resorted to all kinds of tools and extensions to save some memory. But, it is always good to know exactly how these resources are distributed in order to better control their use.

Chrome’s task manager

Something not all users know, is that like Windows, to mention the best-known example, Google Chrome also has its own task manager. A simple control panel that shows all the processes of the browser that are consuming resources .

If we press the SHIFT + ESC keys inside Chrome, the task manager window will open. Here we can see all the tabs we have open and the extensions installed in our browser. Each of them is shown as Task and next to its description we can see exactly the amount of RAM they consume, as well as the CPU, network, and process ID.

If you right click on any task, you will have access to much more information and details about the process, such as CPU usage time, start time, JavaScript memory and many more advanced things that probably do not interest you as a regular user at all .

The main utility of the task manager of Chrome is simply to identify the resource consumption of each task that runs the browser and also allows us to end any process individually in case one is causing problems, or simply is consuming too many resources.

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