History of Calvin Klein Menswear

Calvin Klein Menswear is an iconic American fashion brand which has been manufacturing men’s clothing and accessories for more than a century now. The brand originated in New York City initially selling men’s underwear, but in the eighties, the company began to specialise in menswear and thereafter, began offering accessories, shoes, clothing and fragrances along with its men’s underwear line. It has gone through several transformations and has become one of the most recognised names in men’s fashion across the world. The brand offers both casual and formal wear and is famous for its comfort and fashionable designs. It is renowned for its sexy men’s underwear, jeans and work wear for men. The range of products is vast and includes trousers, blazers, trousers, jackets, shirts, outer wear, swimwear, formal wear and underwear. You can see some great options of Klein clothing from companies like Louis Boyd.

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The sales of the perfume stopped growing and the brand concentrated on developing the other categories of menswear. The brand has now emerged as one of the world’s leading luxury brands with its unique obsession for quality and innovation.

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The obsession for quality in menswear and Calvin Klein’s status as a top designer made it easy for the brand to design a luxurious variety of underwear. In the first year, only a limited number of varieties were released but in the second year there were more than twenty designs available for the customers.


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